Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


5. Bad things begin to happen

We were about half way through the concert, Justin was dancing around on stage like he normally does. That sounds weird coming from me, especially since I've never been to a Justin Bieber concert in my whole life. "So you having fun?" "Well.." Taylor gave me a don't-start look "hey it's not my fault, your the one that dragged me along" "you could at least enjoy yourself" "I am I just don't like the way he's acting that's all." "What do you mean by that?" "What I mean is that he looks as if he's the most amazing person in the world." "What's so bad about that?" "Well apart from the fact that it's basically telling the whole world that he has a massive ego, and that he should be worshipped for everything little thing that he does." "I'm sorry but that is the worst thing that you have ever said about someone. Especially someone like Justin" "someone like Justin are you serious, he's a egotistic moron that has thousands of girls that love all because you think that he's 'hot'." I did the 'bunny ears' thing she looked at me like I had murdered her whole entire family.


"I can't believe you! I can't believe that you would say something like that to me about my idol! How could you!" "I'm sorry but I just can't get over his attitude" "Attitude?! Are you kidding me! Listen Maria you have no idea your talking about, he's a really nice guy you just can't see past you jealousy" "Jealousy! Really Taylor, I have no reason to be jealous of that idoit on stage" I said pointing at Justin. "Yes you do, your jealous that he's famous and your not" "I don't need to be jealous, I can become just as famous as he is!" "No you can't your a ugly, dorky, smelly horrible person, you'll never be famous like he is and you know it that's why your so jealous! That's why you hate him, not because of his attitude or his singing. You hate because your JEALOUS and that's all there is to it!"


"Well it's nice to FINALLY know what you actually think of me. After all these years you finally told me how you actually felt. Now I can finally go to sleep knowing that you actually hate me and it's not all in my head." "Maria I didn't mean...." "I've course you didn't Taylor! You never meant to ever hurt my feelings, you never meant to say all those things, and I'm telling you to save you breath. I'm not going to believe a word you say, at least not anymore." I turned and walked away pushing my way through the crowd, I heard Taylor calling me but I just ignored her. I can't believe that she actually said all those things, then expected me to forgive almost straight away. She's so annoying and I'm glad that I have finally stopped being friends with her, she can finally leave me alone. That means that we'll both be happy, yay killing two birds with one stone. "Maria wait!" "Leave me alone Taylor!" "Listen I'm sorry for everything, I never meant for those things to slip out like they did. "What? Were you expecting to tell me later or what?" "Wait that came out wrong" "listen Taylor I'm sorry but I don't want anything to do with you any more, this friendship is over." "You can't be serious!" "Oh I am, very serious!"

I walked outside I'm sick and tired of her I just wish that she would go away, that she would finally leave me alone. It's one thing having everyone hating you for no reason, but having your best friend hate you and finding out that she was talking about you behind your back. Even though you had a feeling that it was happening, it still crushes you. Just knowing that it's coming and when you finally hear it you die inside. I walked out into the car park, there were a lot of cars here I looked at my watch and saw that it was 8:30. The show should end soon, I decided to take a walk to clear my head. I began to walk I could already feel it working, I turned my head to look at the stars. It's so peaceful up there, I wonder what there doing right now.


Taylor's P.O.V

I followed her I was missing out on the concert but I didn't really care, this is more important. I never thought that I would ever say that especially about Maria Brown, I've always hated Maria from the beginning. It never occurred to me that I would ever care about her enough to leave a concert, just to try and make up with her. To become friends again, wait did I just say that? Did I just say that I wanted to be friends with Maria? Maria of all people wow I must be insane, this is how she gets at a Justin Bieber concert, I would hate to see her at a One direction concert. "Maria!" She's not responding I don't blame her, I wouldn't to talk to me either. Especially after all the horrible things that I said to her, I didn't actually mean to say those things. It was just one of those things that slip out, I hate it when that happens but there's really nothing you can do about it. I just hope that she doesn't do anything stupid.


I ran outside to the parking lot, she wasn't there I looked up at the night sky. The stars look beautiful tonight, but then again they always do. I wonder what Maria is thinking right now. Probably about how I'm a horrible person, a horrible person that just destroyed her. It wouldn't surprise me, Maria's a good person. She cares for everyone even people that don't deserve it, like me. She will probably never speak to me again, I really messed up I never wanted to become her friend. But I've got to admit, she's grown on me she's a good person and a good friend. I'm a lucky person, or at least I was she will never want to see me again. I looked around the parking lot, the night's perfect I might take a walk to clear my head.


Maria's P.O.V

I have been walking for about 15 minutes and I'm already half way around, the arena looks really weird from the back. It sounds weird but it's true, it looks really strange. I could see the backstage door, I noticed that it was open. If I were with Taylor right now she'd be pulling me, begging doing anything to try and get me through that door so that she could meet Justin. I smiled at the thought, even though Taylor was really mean to me back there I think that I'll give her another chance. Might as well, I've got no other friends I was staring at the door but I could feel my eyes starting to wander. Until they were looking at a big, black van, and my eyes went wide when I realised that it was the same van that I saw on my way to school. The same day that Taylor first mentioned the Justin Bieber concert, I was surprised to see it here. I mean how would you feel if a van that you saw not to long ago, just magically shows up somewhere, where you just so happen to be alone. Not to mention the fact that the driver had a bit of an interest in me, he wouldn't stop staring, his eyes were on me until I rounded the corner.


I looked in the windows and noticed that there was no driver, that made me feel a little bit better. But it might have also made me a little bit more frightened as well, I started to wonder if the driver wasn't here then where was he. I mean that would make everyone paranoid, particularly if you were in a dark place with no one else around. There I go again being paranoid again, yeah I'm no good with situations like this and me being afraid of death just makes things worse. Yes you heard me I'm afraid of death, it scares me thinking about what happens on the other side. It's a very unpredictable place and that frightened me, not knowing what's in store. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, I looked behind me there was no one.


But the reflection said different, you see funny thing about glasses well my glasses anyway. Sometimes  the sun, moon or bright lights make a reflection on my glasses allowing me to see behind me. When I looked in the reflection I could clearly see a man wearing all black, now your probably wondering how it is I can tell that he was there. Well lets just say that the bright lights gave some of it away, anyway I saw him sneaking up on me with a crowbar in his hands. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was going to knock me out, I waited to the very last minute and just as he was bringing it down on me I dodged it, wiped around and kneed him in the stomach. He let out a cry of pain and swung at me again, this time I didn't hesitate I kicked right where it hurts.


He fell to his knees now you can understand that, with the adrenaline flowing in my veins and with my survival skills kicking in that I was not going to just turn around and walk away. Mainly because he would probably chase after me, so I decided that for a extra touch, a final bit of flair I kicked him in the face. I watched as he slumped forward and pasted out face first on the concrete. I stood there smiling at my work when the thought, the thought finally crossed my mind that this guy probably wasn't alone. But by then it was to late, he hit me over the head I fell to the ground and landed on my side. The last thing that I saw before passing out, was the bright lights of the arena from the concert inside.

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