Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


6. Let's go!

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Taylor what are you even thinking? Of course you can't spend three weeks with super cute and popular boys. And yes i said cute. I may not be a fan of one direction but admit it, they are cute. Silence. That's all i can hear for the next few seconds. Seeing the disappointment in Grace's eyes makes me feel bad. Harry's glaring at me with those big, sad green eyes and there's nothing i can do. I mean...there is something i can do but it's over the line. 

" And what if we get out of here? I know a nice, peaceful, no paparazzi island not far away from here."

" What are you talking about?" Harry asks surprised. "You're not allowed to drive this boat"

"And rules are to be broken. In fact i can't imagine staying here for three weeks"

Grace widens her eyes and asks me seriously: "Are you joking? What about your father? Would you really do that?" 

She was right. My father would freak out and put me in house arrest until i'm 30. But i don't usually think about the consequences.

"No, i'm not joking. So did you guys change your mind or something? Because i think we should go" They all look at me and laugh. Harry stands up: "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Before we start our journey, Liam, Harry and Louis sneak out and go to pick up some stuff from their yacht. And then it's time.


"You got this Taylor. Everything is perfectly fine." I kept saying these words in my head, while i'm turning the boat key. The engines start. I've always loved that sound. Seconds later i can feel a warm breath on my skin. I turn around and see Harry glaring at me with a small smile on his face. He offers me help, which I accept without any second thoughts. He unties the ropes at the back and after that it's my turn to get us out of here without crashing. It's not an easy job i have to say but i did it.

Guys look at me and all start clapping and screaming: "Woooo Taylor! You rock!" They make me blush and laugh at the same time. I focus on drving and Grace takes care of music. The first song on our playlist is "Wake me up" from Avicii. We all start singing and laughing like crazy. It's perfect.

One hour later we reach our destination. We drop anchor in a small gulf, away from the other boats. Since it's afternoon and hot as fuck we decide to jump in the sea. But of course we have to take our clothes off first. I start taking off my dress when i see him. Shirtless Harry. Hot damn. Those tattoos. He notices my look on his skin but doesn't say a word. He just smirks and looks into the ground. We spend the entire afternoon swimming, jumping and diving.

It's time for dinner. My turn to cook of course. Grace is with Liam and Louis is in bedroom talking to Eleanor. So that leaves me and Harry alone in the kitchen. Should be fun.

"I like your tattoo, it looks cute."

He likes my tattoo? Really? I know which one he means but i have to ask: "Which one?"

He looks at me strangely. "There are three. One on my hipbone, one on my wrist and the one you will never see" i giggle.

He starts laughing. "I mean the one on your hipbone and can i please see the third one?"

"Nope. Now go and prepare the table, dinner's ready." I see him rolling his eyes when i say that he can't see my tattoo and it makes me smile. He takes plates and prepares the table. After dinner It's time for the dishes. Liam, Louis and Grace decide to do it because Harry and i took care of the dinner. I'm fine with that, so i lie down on the deck. Soon Harry joins me.

"So let me guess, you're looking at the stars. How romantic."

"I was actually just chillin but then somebody distracted me"

He laughs and lies next to me. "So what's up with you Taylor? A sarcastic teenager who doesn't like one direction, which is odd by the way and drives boats like a pro?"

"Yup that's pretty much me. Oh and sorry but i'm not really into your music. Although maybe some of the songs are good."

"May i know what kind of music are you into?"

"I like Arctic monkeys, The kooks and of course Pink floyd are the best"

"You like Pink floyd? When i thought you can't surprise me anymore. And yes they are the best. Are you up for 20 questions "game"?

"Bring it on"

We talk and talk and laugh and then Liam comes. "We are just choosing a movie. Do you guys want to join?"

I nod my head and slowly stand up. Harry follows me. I hear Grace arguing with Louis about the movie. Of course, Louis wants a horror movie and Grace wants a comedy. I suggest "This means war" because it's one of my favourite movies. They are all quite satisfy with my choice.

There's not a lot of space so we are quite squeezed. Grace is practicaly lying on Liam and i am next to Harry. I don't know where to put my head so i place it on Harry's chest and ask him if his is ok with that. He nods his head and wraps me with his arm, which was quite awkward because suddendly we are lying like an old married couple. We stay that way until the end of the movie and then it's time to choose where are we going to sleep. Since there are only two bedrooms and one is automatically taken by Liam and Grace there's only one more left. I love sleeping outside so i offer Louis a bedroom.

I pick a pillow, go outside and i just lie down. It was a really long and unexpected day full of surprises and i really need a good sleep. But no, that would be too easy. Someone jumps in front of me and scares the shit out of me.

" Haha, you should see your face" he laughs.

"Fuck you Harry and what the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm sleeping here. What, did you actually think that i'm going to share room with Louis? He's literally a snoring device. Oh and i like sleeping under the stars"

"So cliche. Good night Harry" i say and turn around.

"Good night Tay"

Tay?! Really? Is that my new nickname now?

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