Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


10. Dumb

A bit longer update :) so i have a question for you guys. Do you think i should do this a 16+ story or not? Please comment and let me know :)) enjoy!!




The smell of coffee wakes me up. I open my eyes and see Harry sitting next to me with a huge mug in his hands.

“I think you’ll need this” 

“A huge mug of coffee. You’re the best” i say in a terrible sleepy voice while making a sip of my delicious coffee.

When i finish my coffee i slowly start walking down stairs focusing on not falling into the sea. I arrive successfully and i can see all gathered around the table.

“So i was thinking of moving places again, but i have to get some engine oil first. I’ll go to the town to get it. Anyone wants to join me?” i smirk already knowing that no one will volunteer except for Harry.

But surprise, Louis almost yelled :

“Yes! I’ll go with you. I really feel like walking today.”

We all look at him strangely but i just nod my head: “Okay, great”

Harry looks at me with those puppy eyes:

“Please don’t leave me here with them (pointing at Liam and Grace). My ears are going to die”

I look at him and laugh : “My headphones and computer are in the bedroom. Enjoy!”



“Okay, now tell me Louis what’s bothering you. I might not know you for a long time, but i know you wouldn’t volunteer for this ‘walk’ if it wasn’t necessary.”


I look at him strangely : “What about him?”

“He’s slowly falling for you Taylor. And it won’t end up nice, trust me”

I look at Louis and start laughing : “You’re overreacting, really. It’s just a ‘summer romance’ thing. He’ll forget about me after these three weeks and that’s all. ”

“Even if you’re right-but you’re not ,that means you are going to be the one with the ‘broken heart’.

“Well i don’t really believe in love so that won’t be a problem. Is that the only thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah that’s all. Just don’t say i didn’t warn you” he mutters. We continue walking until we reach the town.



An hour later we arrive back. As we step on the boat all we can hear is silence. I look at Louis and he shrugs his shoulders. I walk inside and check Grace’s bedroom. I can see her and Liam, both fast asleep. Closing the door i continue my way to Louis’s bedroom. I slowly open the door and see Harry sitting on the bed with an angry/sad/exhausted expression on his face. I raise my eyebrows and he starts talking:

“I decided to watch a film but then i saw that your computer has only 8% of battery. I put in the charger but it didn’t work and i had no idea why. I kept watching a film but after 10 minutes the computer died. I heard everything. 

Louis is looking at Harry confused: “You heard what?”


I look at Louis and we both burst out laughing. Harry is glaring at us with an angry expression but we keep laughing.

“Come with me Harry. I’ll get you a cookie and everything we’ll be just fine” i tease. 

“HA HA” he says sarcastically and leaves the bedroom. I follow him. 

“Don’t be cranky. It was funny”

“Yeah, yeah whatever” he mutters as i turn on the engines. Radio starts playing and guess what we are listening to? “Best song ever” from One direction! Harry looks at me and starts laughing.

“What are you laughing at? It’s not my playlist!”

“Oh okay. I’ll tell Grace that she has good music taste” he winks.

I roll my eyes and concentrate on driving. 

“Louis wanted to talk to you about me, didn’t he?” Harry asks me with a serious voice.

“Yup. He thinks you’re falling in love with me”

“And what do you think?” He says, standing closely behind my back. His hand starts slowly moving up and down my neck, making me shiver. I turn around and look him in the eyes: 

“If he’s right, i think you are dumb” i smirk and kiss him.

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