Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


9. “Don't fall in love with me"

I wake up and it’s still dark. Check the clock- 4:30 am. Shit. Why am i awake? Harry is next to me sleeping like a baby but i can’t. Should i wake him up or should i just let him sleep? I’ll go with the first option and see what happens. Shaking his arm-nothing. 

“Hey, wake up! Please, i’m so bored.” He starts moving and turning around.

“What the hell Taylor? Why are you awake?” he asks with deep, sleepy but sexy voice.

“I don’t know but i can’t sleep and i want you to wake up and entertain me. Go with me on that fort over there” i say pointing to the top of the hill.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to jump into the sea, swim to the shore and walk with you up that hill in the middle of the night? Are you high?”

“In my defence it’s nearly 5am and no i’m not high, i just want to watch a sunrise. The view is stunning up there. And it will take us exactly 10 minutes to get there”

He shrugs his head and looks at me: 

“Fine, but you owe me big time. Oh, one more thing. Watching sunrise? What happened to ‘i don’t do romantic’?”

“It’s 5am. There’s nothing romantic at 5 am. Now let’s go”

We jump into the cold sea and Harry starts complaining. I roll my eyes and continue swimming. We finally reach the shore and as soon as we get out of the sea we can feel the cold wind blowing, causing us goosebumps. I look at Harry and he looks pissed.

“I kinda regret this” i mutter.

“Oh really?! This sunrise better be good.”

Harry climbs on the top of the fort and gives me a hand. Within a couple of minutes, sun starts rising. It looks like it’s coming out of the sea, far away behind those islands. A reflection in the sea and all those colours make it even more magical. 

“It’s beautiful” he whispers. “It’s hard to say but you were right. It was worth waking up, swimming and walking.” I chuckle at his reaction and keep looking at him. He touches my chick and i move closer to him. Seconds later my lips are pressed against his and his arms are warped around my waist. Here we are kissing while the sun is rising. How fucking romantic.

“There’s one thing you have to promise me” he says quite seriously.

“Oka..y, what?”

“Don’t fall in love with me”

I start laughing at his sentence and answer him very quickly:

“Don’t worry. I already told you that i don’t believe in love. Nothing has changed.”

He nods his head disappointedly but doesn’t say a word.

20 minutes later we are back on the boat, changed into dry clothes. I’m not really sure why but i’m exhausted. I lie down and fall asleep immediately.

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