Mine for the summer

Two best friends are spending three weeks alone, without parents for the first time. Breaking rules isn't something new for them. But meeting worlds most famous guys definitely is.


8. A "normal guy"

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The next thing i know, we are sitting in the same place as before and Harry is smiling. He wants to say something, but i overtake him: 

“You’re quite a good kisser to be honest”

“And you has just destroyed a romantic moment”

“Sorry Styles, but i don’t do romantic”

“What kind of girl doesn't like romantic things? Seriously”

I ignore his question and stand up. He follows me and wraps his arms around my waist:

“In three weeks you'll be the most romantic person in the world. ”

I giggle and look at him: 

“Don’t get your hopes too high” i say, kiss his cheek and jump into the water. 

An hour later Liam, Grace and Louis arrive with loads of food. I can see their exhausted faces all covered in sweat and it makes me laugh. 

We are ready to go. I start the engines and the next minute we are driving away. Liam, Louis and Harry decide to go on the deck, so that leaves me and Grace alone. Finally. Time to have a little talk. Of course i start it:

“You little whore. You slept with Liam!”

“I KNOW TAYLOR! Omg you can’t even imagine how was i feeling, how i am feeling actually. He’s amazing. In all meaning of the word” she smirks.

I laugh at her reaction, but still concentrate on driving. 

“What’s going on between you Harry? Give me all the juicy details”

“No Grace, i did not sleep with him like you did with Liam. I don’t really know what’s going on. He’s sweet and we can really talk you know. About everything. That’s all”

“O..kaaay, just don’t change your mind about love pls. You can not fall for him!”

“I know Grace and don’t worry, i won’t”




“My turn to pick a movie” Louis yells as soon as we finish the dinner. Such a child i thought.

“And my turn to do the dishes” i say. Harry comes to help me. 

“Why are you so quiet Tay? Still impressed about the fact that i’m a good kisser?”

“Nop. That feeling is long gone”. He looks surprised when i say that and a bit giggly at the same time.

“You know that all you have to do is ask and that “feeling” will be back again” He moves closer to me, not caring about the others.

“Oh yeah? What if i skip the asking part?” i wink and jump inside. He follows me and grabs my waist before pulling me closer to him. Soon after that his lips are pressed against mine. He lifts me up and i wrap my legs around his waist. My lips are still pressed against his and my hands are moving through his curly brown hair. He begins kissing my neck in soft kisses.


We join the others a few moments later. They are already watching a movie and i have no idea which one. All i can think about is that kiss. What is going on between us? Do i like him? Is it just a summer “romance”? There are so many questions i can not answer. But yes, i’m probably just having a crush on him and i’ll forget about him sooner or later. The movie was boring so i decide to go and lie on the deck. 

“Where are you going? Deck i’m guessing?” Grace asks.

“Yup” i say and a second later i hear Harry’s voice: “Wait”

We sit down and keep quiet for a while.

“Do you miss your old life?” i ask randomly.

“To be honest, i do. It’s fine being famous, meeting other celebrities, traveling around the world but it gets hard sometimes. I miss my family and old friends a lot. Even my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, i love doing this. I’ve always loved singing and with all this support from our fans is even more fun. But things get out of control sometimes. With paparazzi for example. They make a lot of fake stories about us and it’s hard to convince people that they aren’t true. That’s why i sometimes wish to be just a ‘normal guy.’ ”


I don’t say a word. I just lie down and place my head on his chest. 


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