Midnight Memories

A book about a teenage girl who gets sent to Summer Camp. She really didn't want to go. But her mum and dad thought it would be good for her.
At camp, she met five beautiful boys. Read on to find out more! <3


1. The Letter

[This isnt reall]


I opened one eye desperate to wake up. I made myself roll out of bed, even though I hurt my elbow in school. I stood up on two feet and went over to my window to open the curtains. It was rainy, as usual. I hate british weather. I've always wanted to move to a foreign country. But I have a phobia of flying, so we can't. 

"Lilly, come her babe!" I heard from my Mother downstairs. "Coming Mother,just getting my slippers and robe on!" I shouted back. I ran to my on suite bathroom and got my fluffy pink slippers and my robe. I ran downstairs and sat on the chair opposite my Mother who was holding an envelope. 

"It's for you darling, open it!" She said eagerly passing it to me. I took it off her and read the address just to make sure my Mother was getting it right. I never got mail, so who could it have been from? I said in my head, confused by the thought of anyone posting anything of to me. 

''Miss Lilly Smith,

43 London Square, Alton''

I hoped it was from the collage! Excitedly, I ripped the envelope top off and took out the letter. It read;


Dear Lilly Smith, "

                           Congratulations! Your place in Summer Camp, Spain has been accepted. You will  be picked up in the mini bus with all the other members of the camp and will be taken to the airport. All flights are free, and your stay in camp will also be free. 

You will stay in the camp for 3 months and do all types of activities. I hope you enjoy your stay at Summer Camp,Spain. 


Matt, your Team Leader. 

"MOTHER WHY DID YOU SIGN ME UP TO THIS STUPID CAMP! WHY? I TOLD YOU NOT TO! I'M NOT A BABY FOR GOD SAKE! WHY DONT YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME? FATHERS BETTER THAN YOU AND ITS YOUR FAULT HE LEFT! YOU DONT EVEN LIKE ME AND ITS LIKE I DONT EVEN EXIST AROUND HERE ANYMORE!" I screamed in my Mothers face. "Excuse me. You do not talk to your Mother like that, I'm the one the one who has a roof over both of our heads. You dare talk about your Father again and call him better than me. Your attitude has changed since your Father has left you know, and I'm not liking it one bit. Get out of my house Lilly. NOW!" Mother screamed in my face. She got up from her chair and punched, kicked and then slapped me hard. "MUM THAT HURT!" I screamed and tried to get out of the kitchen. She opened the back door and pointed at my bags she had packed. Everything was there, all my clothes. She was actually being serious about kicking me out... She then locked the back door and didn't come back. I had no food or water and I had to wait three hours until the mini bus came and picked me up. I rang up the number of the camp and I got no answer. I tried again and I got through to Matt. 


Matt: Hello,Summer Camp Spain here, how may I help you?

Me: Um, hi.. can you c-come and pick me up now? I'm Lilly Smith,  uh the girl you sent a letter to this morning. I'm, um part of your team..

Matt: Oh Hello Lilly. Yeah, we have already sent the bus, other people have asked me to get the bus out earlier. Sure, be ready in about 5 minutes, okay? Bye!" 

Me: Okay bye!

*call hangs up*

I walked around the the front of my house and the bus was already there. I hopped on and sat at an empty seat. I got a lot of nasty stairs, I didn't care I just got my phone out of my pocket and went on facebook. 

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