Wolf Girl

I am Jessica Rattey. I walk with wolves, I live with wolves. Wolf is my life, they are my family. But I wasn't always a part of the pack. I was once quite human, but now I am wild at heart. Having wolves at my side, together, we can conquer anything. We together stand strong, this is where I belong. No longer call me by the name of Jess, for now I shall go by the name of WolfGirl!


2. When Times Were Tough

"You scank!"

"You got fleas!"

"dirty dog!"

"scardy cat!"

"your so ugly!"

These were the kind of comments I got on a daily basis, when it came to school life. Sometimes I hid in a corner, others time I snapped back. I was  very jumpy due to surprise attacks from studends here and there. I was tripped in the hall all the time. People would jump away from me shreaking as if they could catch a killer disease from me. Harsh remarks were yelled at me from all angles. Some people beat me up for fun. Eventually when it came to the end of the school day, I had made up my mind. I couldn't take the pain anymore. I had decided to run away. I took noresources as I ran desperatly towards a large forest to escape th harsh reality I called life. I ran deeper and deeper into the depths of the forest.  As I walked further on, the light from the sun was slowly being drown out by the tall tree canopys. I fell to the floor in tears, alone with my thoughts. Right at that point, I no longer felt like living. My life had no purpose. I had nobody there beside me to bring me up when I felt down.

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