Harry Styles

Madelyn Smith is a 17 year old girl who has an older brother called Corey and a mum called Kelly, she has a best friend called Becci and they go to the same school together. Madelyn didnt notice that there was a group of boys that go there and she never seen them but her friend had seen them and already likes one of them. What happens when a curly haired boy called Harry likes her and then Louis starts to like her. Read to see what happens.


2. Chapter Two

When it felt like forever, the bell finally rang and everybody starting making their way to rollcall, me and Becci starts walking together because we were in the same rollcall, "So did Zayn ask you out yet" I said wiggling my eyebrows, "No not yet" she said blushing and shoving me, "And why not" I said shocked, "I don’t know" she said, her face was really red, when we got inside we sat down at our desks which was the second last row and all the guys sat behind us, "Well what were you talking about then" I asked lightly shoving her, "Just stuff" she said embarrassed, "Mmhm just stuff" I said winking at her, just then the teacher walked in and wrote his name on the board which said 'Mr Jameson' and sat at his desk starting to call out names and people answering with yeses, me and Becci weren’t listening we were just talking, "Madelyn Smith" said Mr Jameson, "Huh, oh yes" I said embarrassed, whoops, "Pay attention miss Smith" he said sternly and then Becci laughed, "Yes sir" I said and shoved Becci, then the teacher continued to read out the rest of the names when he got to Becci she said 'yes' and kept reading out names, I heard the guys laughing behind us and turned around to look at them, "What’s so funny" I said to them and raising my eyebrows, "Hahahahaha..." laughed Louis, "Is he alright?" I said looking at the others then at him, "Yeah he just thought it was funny" Liam laughed then the other guys started laughing, Louis finally stopped laughing and I thought I was loud, then Harry winked at me and I felt the butterflies come again, my face turned red and Zayn looked at Becci and smiled then she blushed, what the hell is wrong with her, and yeah she's a blusher.


A few minutes later the bell rang for first class, "Shit, what do we have first?" I asked quickly to Becci and I think the guys heard me because they laughed, "We have maths" she said rolling her eyes, "Oh yay" I said sarcastically, then we walked all the way to maths, when we got there we walked in and sat at our desks and only Harry, Zayn and Louis were in our class and sat behind us, I saw a piece of paper land on Becci's desk and I smirked at her and winked, she opened it up and read it, I glanced at it and it read, 'Do you and your friend Madelyn want to go to the beach with us in the afternoon', I turned to look at Zayn, "Oh and I go by Maddie, just letting you know" I said smiling, Louis and Harry chuckled, "Oh, ok" he said putting his hands up in surrender and I shook my head and laughed, "Oh my god yes, yes, yes we will" Becci squealed, me and the guys laughed at her, "I suppose it’s a yes then" Zayn said laughing at her, I turned to look at him, "Welcome to my world" I said rolling my eyes and smiling, the Harry and Louis cracked up laughing, I don’t get what was funny about that, me and, Becci and Zayn just laughed, then he gave Becci a smile and she turned like a tomato, I just laughed, then a teacher walked in and wrote her name on the board which read 'Miss Towell', "Ok class I'm gonna right some questions on the board and you copy them" she said and started writing them, after she wrote them she took a seat at her desk and everyone started working, most of them were talking, me and Becci weren’t doing anything, "So are we gonna go to the beach" I said to her, "Yes" she accidently yelled and I turned the other was and laughed silently, "Anything wrong miss Reid" said Miss Towell, "No miss, nothing" she said embarrassed, "Well be quiet then" she said, "Yes miss" Becci said, then the teacher went back to what she was doing, I turned to look at Becci, "Nice one" I said laughing, "Shut up" she said shoving me and laughing, "Hey Maddie?" I heard Louis say and I turned around to look at him, "Yeah" I said, "Are you gonna be wearing a bikini" he said wiggling his eyebrows, "Yeah" I said smiling at him and winked, I saw Harry from the corner of my eye and he was frowning, what’s up with that, he probably thought that I like Louis, but really I like him but he probably won’t like me back anyway, "Whoo" Louis said and I shook my head laughing.


When the bell rang for first break me and Becci went to the cafeteria to get some food and went to sit down, "Hey Maddie and Becci come sit with us" said Louis waving at us to come over, so we got up and went to sit with the guys, I sat in the middle of Louis and Niall, "So Maddie what colours your bikini" said Louis wiggling his eyebrows, "Shut up Louis" I said laughing and shaking my head, "Ok love" he smirking, I smiled shaking my head, I saw Harry frowning again, I wonder what’s wrong with him, I think he might be jealous, "What’s wrong Harry" said Niall stuffing his face and the guys, me and Becci were laughing at him, "Nothing" he mumbled looking down, "Ok" Niall and Liam said together, "Are you sure" said Zayn patting his back, "Yeah I'm fine" he said still looking down, Louis started putting his arm around me and I looked at him and raised my eyebrows, he gave me a cheeky smile and winked at me, I just rolled my eyes shaking my head and smiling, Harry looked up and frowned at us, now I really need to talk to him, "Hazza you sure you’re alright" said Zayn patting his back again and putting his hand back on the table, "Yeah, I'm fine" he said glaring at Louis, poor Louis, he didnt know what to do, "You don’t look fine" said Zayn looking at him, I think I already know what’s wrong with him and I'm gonna talk to him later on.

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