A Time-Twist Story

Claire and Alex, two normal Potter-Heads with a normal fate, until something changes their lives forever, they are thrown in a different time and place, fall in love and become aware of what was always around them, will they ever want to have a normal life again? A Draco/OC. Story, swearing and maybe some mature stuff later on, may become a series. You are free to suggest anything :)


2. Muggle Dreams

"I know you hate her but, killing doesn't make things easier!"Claire said, a twinkle appeared in her eye.

Please! If you want to be a Death Eater, you have to learn to be OK with inflicting pain upon others!And stop the eye twinkling! You look like that old coot Dumbledore!"Alex shrugged Claires hand off her shoulder.

" Voldemort is a lucky person... snake...creature... thing!"Alex cried out.

" Alex, if you want to be a Death Eater then you will have to learn not to say the Dark Lords name!"Claire declared smugly, quite happy to defeat Alex in a battle-of-wits duel. Alex shoved Claire away from her, sending her flying onto the grass beside the bench, laughing.

"Fuck off Claire! I am not in the mood!"Alex cried out once again, fury lacing her voice.

"Tut tut, what crawled up your ass today?"Claire giggled quietly, this time a bit more kindly, and climbed up next to Alex again, wrapping a hand across her shoulder.

"It's just, it seems all pointless! The books are finished! So are the movies! And our letters are FOUR YEARS LATE!!!"Alex sighed quietly, her side-fringe falling over her face, she blew it away angrily."Is it really worth all this-"She waved her hand to indicate 'this' "- Bullying and teasing? I really wish we weren't muggles!" Alex hung her head even more. Claire was surprised, she never normally saw Alex like this, whenever people laughed at their weird antics Alex shut them up with one snarl and a glare. She was also one manipulative piece of shit, she was anything but helpless and sad. Claire was happy to have someone who wasn't uptight as her best friend.

"Alex, it is not over yet, Harry Potter will always live, he is The-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die after all!"

Alex's laughter sounded through the school grounds and people looked over to them, surprised to see the schools biggest mean bitch laughing so nicely. Alex had a nice laugh, mostly in was loud and boisterous, but in the company of close friends, such as now, her laugh was soft and caressing. Her laughter always made even the most uptight people smile and grin. It was sad that that laugh didn't sound a lot. Alex had a harsh life, her father was dead and her mother heart-broken. She was only three when the tragedy happened, but her father's face was imprinted in her memory like a tattoo, forever. Doctors said he died of natural causes, like a heart attack, but his health had been perfect, he just dropped dead, no more, no less. Claire smirked happily, making Alex laugh was quite a fear, a quest she always pursued.

"Do you want to come over today? You know, go on Ebay and stuff?"Claire winked and Alex smirked, whenever they went over to Claire's house, they bought Harry Potter merchandise, you can imagine Mrs Andrea Waters' reaction when the mail man named the check. It was hilarious! Claire was rich, that was no a lie, her house was huge and stuffed with antiques. Alex was rich to but did not show it as much as Claire. She had no use for fancy girly clothes anyway. Alex and her mother, Sylvia Treaty, lived in an elegant modern house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms,a kitchen, dining room and living room. The armchairs were a warm chocolaty leather and both coffee-table and dining-table were a dark mahogany wood. Sylvia was a fighting woman,and that was were Alex got her temper from, yes, Sylvia was heart-broken but that did not stop her from working her ass off as a forensic scientist, that is how she and David Treaty had met, he was a policeman. Sylvia had jet-black hair and vivid green eyes, the eyes Alex had inherited, the brunette hair came from her father, although his was lighter. She was tall, like Alex, and had her body type. Alex loved her mum with all her heart, but she missed her father. Love is a fickle thing, Alex thought, useless and painful.

"yes! we should! my mum is working late,and,well no one will be home"Alex agreed with forced happiness, even though death was inevitable, she always wanted to reverse it. Claire sensed Alex's discomfort, and qouted;

"To the well organised mind, death is but the next adventure, quoted from Albus Percival Wulfric Brian FUCKING Dumbledore!

"That was no help whatsoever! You are such a Ravenclaw!"Alex laughed and punched Claire on the shoulder, her best friend laughed and punched her back.

"You should know better Alex! You know i wont be your friend anymore if you turn into a snake-head!"Claire shuddered at the theatrically.

"well... it wont hurt to have a horcrux or two..."Alex teased while Claire stuck her tongue out at her best friend, Alex was such a bitch! At least she was back to normal.

'do you think you can come to the park on thursday for some quidditch training?"Claire asked after their guffaws died down.

"Sorry, detention with Bulldozer on Thursday"Alex shook her head, Bulldozer was their headmaster, Bulldozer, of course, wasn't his real name, but because it was so hard to pronounce everyone just called him Bulldozer.

"Hey! Alex! Look! Did Arrabella drop this?!"


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