A Time-Twist Story

Claire and Alex, two normal Potter-Heads with a normal fate, until something changes their lives forever, they are thrown in a different time and place, fall in love and become aware of what was always around them, will they ever want to have a normal life again? A Draco/OC. Story, swearing and maybe some mature stuff later on, may become a series. You are free to suggest anything :)


1. A Muggle Life

Two absolutely normal girls sat on a wooden bench in their schools playground, trying to ignore the cheerleading girls in front of them, and the guys wolf-whistling. They were as normal as girls who owned all the Harry Potter Noble Collection could be. Both girls carried their wands in their back pockets, earning guffaws from other fans who didn't realise they did it on purpose. The main heroine of our story here is Alex, or Alexis, as people who don't know her well will call her, those moments usually ended with the offender punched in the face.Alex had a temper as you could see, and could never stay out of trouble, and spent about three nights a week in detention with her awful headmaster trying to keep her mouth at bay. She had very long brown hair that was always kept in a tight plait, and searching green eyes that people liked to avoid looking at, her upturned nose was slightly dusted with freckles, she was quite tall and agile looking,opting to wear trousers instead of the normal skirts the girls wore, let's just say she looked like your typical tomboy next-door. Alex always carried her bag around, in which was packed away her invisibility cloak and Marauders map. Our other girl sitting next to Alex was Claire, she was more refined than her best friend, her lighter wavy brown hair was let out and her blueish-green eyes less accusing. She was shorter than Alex by a couple of inches and a bit less athletic, even though she always said she would be an awesome quidditch player. Rather than charging like a bull into fights, she used her sharp mouth to infuriate her enemies, and acted absolutely innocent in front of teachers, something Alex could never do. Instead of being too outright by wearing trousers, she wore the normal skirt, only hers always reached her knees, not her thighs, like most of the other fifteen year old girls wore theirs. She, herself carried a bag if floo powder in her front pocket. Those who didn't know the two girls well enough would have called them sisters, or even not-so-identical-twins, they read the same things, watched the same things, liked the same things, fangirled over the same things (well, Claire fangirled, Alex just face-palmed) but they were as different as two sides of a coin, or, as they would say, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, or Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

Both girls were bent over a thick book with an intricate cover. The best friends were pointing out important things, like deaths, and believe me, there was a lot of deaths in that book! The girls sat in the same position, right leg crossed over left, and talked in the same hushed whispers even thought that was an absurd thing to do in the middle of a huge playground.

" Hmm what book do you have here this time? 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' that is the ending isn't it? Sad right? NOT! Better get a life losers" 

The book flew to the ground, nocked out of the girls' hands and beautiful blonde hair was flipped.

" Get the fuck away Arabella! We can read whatever the fuck we want!" Alex shouted, trying to have a go at strangling the cheerleader in front of her while being restrained by Claire.

" I would watch your mouth if I were you, it could end badly, Alexis " Arabella warned with a giggle, smacking her pink lips together before walking across to her slaves-ahem- friends. 

" DONT YOU DARE CALL ME ALEXIS! I AM ALEX YOU INSUFFERABLE BITCH!!!!" Alex screamed at the retreating figure.

"calm down Alex, one day she will get what she deserves," Claire said with a hand on Alex's elbow, more in restraint than in comfort. She didn't want a repeat of what happened last week.

" I really down know Claire, sometimes I wish I was Voldemort myself"

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