Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


10. Chapter 9


   The doctors were running tests on Dustin to make sure he was ok, so he could go home. I found a friend while I was wandering around the hospital one day while Dustin was in his coma. Her name is Collette, and she has a mom that is in the hospital with some type of cancer. I didn't ask her about it cause whenever it's mentioned, tears come to her eyes, and I really don't want to make her cry over it. The doctors say that her mom is getting better, responding to treatment, but it's still a touchy subject. Anyway, when Dustin is released she said that we could stay with her. I probably said 'thank you' and million times after she said that. I had texted her earlier to tell her that Dustin woke up, and she said that she'd get our beds ready. I told her the story of the baby and the three guys, and she seemed to understand. She said that she was in a similar situation, but she lost the baby cause it was born 3 months premature. I felt sorry for her, but she has seemed to have moved on from it cause when I told her I was sorry, she just shrugged and responded with a, 'Life happens. My baby just died before it really could live,' Seriously! I almost burst into tears! I was sitting on the chair inside of Dustin's room when he was wheeled back in. He looked like he was passed out. I jumped up from my seat, and rushed to his side, afraid that he fell back into his coma.

   The doctor chuckled a little then spoke, "Il dort. Tous les tests sont revenus bien. Il peut rentrer à la maison aujourd'hui," I've picked up on French pretty quickly while I've been here and instantly translated this into, 'He's asleep. All the tests came back good. He can go home today,' I smiled and nodded at him.

   "Merci," I spoke, 'thank you' to him. He nodded and walked out of the room, throwing one last smile my way. A nurse came in, and thank god, she spoke English.

   "Just buzz me when you want to take him home, and I'll prep him," She smiled at me and walked over to the bed to take his pulse.

   "Thanks," I spoke.

   "How's the baby?" She asked. All the doctors and nurses had become very fond of me and my unborn child. They had even given me a few free ultrasounds to make sure the baby was ok and to find out the sex of them. It was a boy! I was so excited!

   "He's good, moving around a lot," She laughed, nodding and smiling.

   "They tend to do that a lot round 5-6 months. Have you thought of any names yet?" She asked. I shook my head.

   "I haven't really gotten to that quite yet," She nodded her head.

   "Might wanna get to that, babies are usually born at 7-9 months, only got a few more months to go," She winked at me. Suddenly I became very nervous about the whole thing, could I really pull this off?! She didn't seem to notice my discomfort as she returned to her desk as a beeping started from one of the monitors. "Collette is here to see you, would you like to take him home now?" She looked up at me as she asked. I nodded, and she buzzed Collette in.

   "Hey Cole," I greeted her.

   "Hey Rose," We waited there until Dustin stood in normal clothes, heavily leaning on our shoulders and Collette's shoulders and crutches the nurse had given him. We got buzzed out of the ICU and walked downstairs to the exit. Just as we were bout to round the corner into the lobby, a voice stopped me in my tracks.

   "We just want to see her," His voice was raised, sounding a little angry.

   "I'm sorry, her and her friend just got released. I don't know if they are even here," The lady at the desk spoke, obviously trying to keep her temper in check.

   His fists slammed on the desk as he shouted, "Will you at least tell me her name then?!"

   "Sir, please calm down," A man's voice rang out. The security had come to handle him. I laughed a little before snapping back into reality. He could be coming down here at any time; we had to get out of here.

   "Cole, let's go this way,"

   "Why?" She gave me a weird look.

   "Just cause," I shrugged as I started to walk down the hallway to another exit farther along the building. More yelling came from the lobby, then silence followed it. I heard her sigh behind me, but she followed with a limping Dustin leaning on her. He had given up on the crutches, claiming he didn't need them, before almost falling on his face with the first step he took. After than Collette had a strong arm around his waist, keeping him close and leaning on her the entire time they walked. I knew it was a longer way for Dustin to walk this way, but as I glanced back, from the look in his eyes, I could tell he understood why I wanted to go this way. He looked a little scared actually. When he saw me watching he quickly wiped the look off his face and looked to his feet.


   I slammed my fists into the desk, making the lady jump.

   "Will you at least tell me her mane then?!" I yelled at her. Her hand moved over to a small button, a buzzing sound ringing out before a big man in a black suit walked up behind me.

   "Sir, please calm down," He spoke as he grabbed my arms. I started struggling, trying to get out of his grip.

   "Just let me see her! I need to see her!" I screamed. Something pierced the skin on my right arm, cold liquid flowing from it. Spots danced before my eyes as my vision became blurry. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Jason's sad face following us as I was lifted onto the guard's shoulder and carried into another room.

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