Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


9. Chapter 8


    It was really depressing to be in the house now. I think we all just got used to Rose being there to lighten things up. She might've had a hard time, but she really was a person that could light up a room with just her being in it. We miss her...I miss her. Ever since she left, no one can seem to smile. I can't believe she's gone, she can't be gone, someone will find of the of the of us kids...the police...some random stranger. At this point I really don't care, as long as she's home soon. It's been just over four months since she left. That's how long we've all been depressed... School hasn't been the same without her. Everyone spreads rumors bout her. They all think she's with Dustin, that they ran away together...that's what it seems like at least. They say she's knocked up and eloping him cause he's the father. One day when Jasper heard that rumor he stood up and stormed out of the classroom, then everyone fell silent. The longer she was gone, the more trouble Jasper and I got into. Playing pranks on the teachers and students, not paying attention in class, back talking the teachers, cussing, fighting, etc. There really wasn't an end. Yesterday we set crickets loose in the Library and got suspended for it. So, that's where I ended up. In the empty house that no one seems to be at anymore. They are always out looking for Rose or somewhere for work. I wish I could go out there with them, but they won't allow it. Instead I have to sit in the miserable silence while I await the day that I can go back to the hell hole they call school. Silence, silence, silence...that's all I can hear...It's driving me insane! You know what? I can't take this anymore! If Rose were here she would either cuss me out for being an idiot or stay home and do nothing all day with Jasper and I. Sit and watch movies, dance around to music, even reading a book or playing chess with her would be better than sitting here alone knowing she's gone and might never come back! For all we know she could be kidnapped and being rapped...or worse... I shudder at the thought. But for now, the silence is too much. I'm going over to Jasper's.


  I woke up from the first true sleep I've had in four months to a knocking on the door. I groaned and rolled over, fully prepared to leave whoever was on the front porch out there forever. I didn't even care anymore, all I cared about was Rose...and she'd been gone for four months. Tears slipped into my eyes at the thought, but I quickly blinked them away. I was too strong to cry over it. I refuse to tell myself that she could be hurt, she's just...out there...somewhere...I can feel it. They tried to tell the police that she might be kidnapped...but she took bags with her...that's not really something you do when you're being kidnapped...that just doesn't happen, so the police refused to alert the public of a possible kidnapper on the loose. I guess it makes sense, but you got to cover all your bases to be able to find someone...that's something that could've happened after she left! I mean a 15 year old girl wandering the streets, good target for a kidnapper...or rapist! I pushed the thoughts out of my head, not even wanting to think about it. I groaned again as the knocking continued. I rolled over to see the time. What the hell?! Who was waking me up at 8 in the morning?! It's called sleeping in...not being woken up bastards. Who the hell?! I thought as I got up to answer the door. I was completely naked, but if it was anyone important I could just wrap a blanket around my waist or something. I opened the door, only cracking it so I didn't have to show my bare skin to whoever was out there.

   "Oh. It's you," I groaned as I saw Jason standing there.

   "Nice to see you too Styles," I groaned again as I walked over to the couch and laid down on my stomach, shutting my eyes. "Naked...well that's a new one, but ok," Jason laughed as he spoke. I smiled a little and chuckled.

   "Only the best for family," I mumbled out around the pillow my face was planted on. I heard him chuckle as he walked into the kitchen. He came out with a sandwich and sat down on the other couch, turning on the TV. He flipped the channel to some sports channel that I wasn't paying attention to, until a few words hit my ears, and I instantly perked up.

   "Breaking news..." The anchorman spoke loudly. The news was like my dirty passion, for some reason I loved it, and was addicted when I watched it. "The teenager in France that was found having a seizure and a stroke in an abandoned building was released from his coma today. Doctors have been trying to wake him up to take him out of this coma for three weeks. He never responded until today. The hospital gladly gave a statement about it saying that, and I quote, 'It was a miracle that he woke up at all. We were beginning to think that all the treatment and those three months spent in the hospital before trying to wake him were in vain. We are very happy indeed that our wonderful, talented array of doctors and nurses could wake him. We are also very happy for his friend, who has stayed with him here over the past few months, that we cannot name, but we are very happy to be able to tell her that her friend was going to be ok. Thank you for all your support and generous donations over the past few months. This hospital wouldn't be the same without all it's support from the public," And just like that, the sports channel switched back on.

   "Isn't it weird that they never revealed the names of those teens?" Jason asked around a mouthful of his sandwich.

   "You just read my mind," I mumbled. Why wouldn't they voice the names of those kids? I mean, just the first names wouldn't be bad...right? It seems like the hospital was trying to hide something...or the teens were trying to hide something. We had been hearing about this boy and his friend for around four months now, the news giving updates on it every so often. But, the names were never given. It never really bothered me until now, until Jason spoke my exact thoughts. Were we the only two that thought this was weird? I mean, if you give the first names we'd never know who the kids actually were, just their first names. I rolled this thought over in my mind a couple of times before standing up and started walking up the stairs. "You coming?" I yelled down at Jason.

   "Where?" He yelled back.

   "To that hospital. I wanna know those kids names," I called back. Something in my gut told me I needed to go see them, something was up with them, they were hiding something...I could feel it.

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