Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


8. Chapter 7


  I woke in an old brick building. A slight humming coming from the corner. My eyes peeled open to watch Rose as she glided across the empty room, opening bottles and cans, and pouring them together. Her body was only covered by a tank top and spandex shorts. Something was under my head, and as I reached behind me to feel it, I figured it must've been what she was wearing over that. I nodded to myself as I felt the soft, but scratchy material. She turned as her humming sped up, which I assume means she got to the chorus. Her figure flitted around as she danced to the music in her head. A quote popped into my head out of nowhere.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music,"

   And I thought to myself, she's just a girl lost in the music that no one could hear. She wasn't crazy, she just heard the melody when no one else could. She could dance when no one felt the beat. She was just a lost girl in her own little world. Should I really be that mad at her? I mean she did take care of me when I...what did happen? Did I faint? I pushed the thought to the back of my head, resuming my thoughts. She was carrying my child. I needed to be there, for her...for the baby. She would be almost a month now for sure. A month already wasted on my selfishness. But, she did deserve it. She was the one that slept with two other people...not me. I pushed the thought away as a wave of guilt crashed over me, making my chest feel hollow. My breathing became short, fast pants, making my chest burn with the lack of oxygen. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, making my sight go black. My skin felt clammy, hot and cold at the same time. My body felt like it was twitching, shaking from something, but...I couldn't control it. It was like as soon as I tried...I was paralyzed...but still moving. It was a strange feeling, one that I didn't quite like. A hand was suddenly pressed to my chest.


   As I waited for Dustin to wake up I roamed around the building. As I did this, I found a pantry that was filled with food. This must have been some sort of eating area, maybe a soup kitchen. I grabbed two bottles of warm water and two cans of soup. I walked back to where he was laying. My feet carried me over to him, my hand reaching down to brush the damp curls off his forehead. His knees had buckles and he had face planted onto the floor after I had told him. He was out cold when I had rolled him over so he was on his back. Slowly I dragged him over to the center of the room and set him there, making my polar bear footsies a pillow. I walked around, already sweating form the sudden heat of the building, in only the tank top and spandex I had been put in. My hands kept themselves busy by opening the bottles and pouring them and the soup together. I was just finishing mixing the two things, with my makeshift spoon, when I heard heavy breathing behind me. My head snapped around to find Dustin shaking on his spot on the ground. My breath caught as I rushed over to him. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, his skin was clammy but freezing cold at the same time, and a small trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. Instantly my hand pressed to his soaking T-shirt, something that he must've bought somewhere else, trying to stop him from shaking. As soon as I touched him, my hand flew back to my side. You weren't supposed to try to stop a person from shaking that was having a seizure. I scooted back, adjusting that warm material beneath his head, and grabbing his hand, holding it to my lips, placing a small kiss on it, then placing it in my lap. My thumb rubbed small circles on the back of his hand while I grabbed my phone. I dialed 911.



  I woke up, once again, to bright lights that swung over my head. Somewhere a voice was speaking French, a language I still didn't fully understand. A girl's voice replied back, but it sounded like it had a hint of a British accent beneath it. My eyes snapped open to see Rose standing next to a doctor, their backs to me. Tears streamed down the side of her face that I could see, while the man in the white coat whispered soft words to her. Her head nodded as he walked out of the room, and my eyes closed as she turned to walk back over here. Something was different about her, but I couldn't put my finger on it. She grabbed my hand and turned it around so my tattoo was facing up. I smiled at the thought of when I got that rose tattoo; it seemed so long ago.

   "Dustin?!" She whispered. She saw the smile on my face. Sighing, I turned around and faced her, opening my eyes wide, raising my eyebrows.

   "Yes love?" I asked. A smile flew across her face as she brought me in for a hug.

   "I'm so glad you're ok," She whispered, her tears hot on the side of my face.

   "Don't cry love. Everything's ok. Shhh," I cooed at her, stroking her hair.

   "They told me you had almost no chance of making it," She whispered as more tears slipped. I chuckled.

   "You can't get rid of me that easy," I pulled back and winked at her.

   "You were gone for so long," Her voice still a whisper.

   "H-How l-long?" I whispered back.

   "Four months..." My eyes went wide as they flew to her belly. I pushed my hand against it lightly, finding the big bump. That's what was different...

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