Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


6. Chapter 5


   I watched the note burn, the flames growing hungrier as the paper became ashes. I stared into the bright colors as they flashed before me, turning into pictures, memories.


   It was my third birthday. As I looked in the mirror, I frowned. I hated this dress. Mommy had only made me wear it once to a place wear there was a man in a black suit and a lady in a white dress. There was another little kid around my age that was playing around on the steps. Another lady with long brown hair that was curled at the ends picked her up and brought her down the aisle.

   "You have to be a good girl at mommy and daddy's wedding," With that she took her to the back row and sat with her. The lady in the white dress smiled at her. When I asked my mommy, who didn't look like my mommy, she now had yellow, straight hair and wore a long blue dress, and sunglasses with a big black hat, she told me her name was Callie. I thought about that day, how mommy said 'Hi' to the lady, gave her a hug, and we left, as I stood there looking at the dress. It was pretty but itchy. It was fluffy, pink and purple, and had flowers on the side. Mommy told me I look like a ballerina when she put a pink headband in my hair to hold back my long curls. When we were eating cake, I blew out the candle, but the candle didn't like that. It came back at me and started to burn my dress. I was screaming and running around when the fire caught my hair too. I screamed louder. Mommy pushed my gently to the ground and rolled me around. The fire finally went out, and my back hurt. Mommy picked me up and we went to the hospital. We spent a long time there before the doctors put something cold on my back and Mommy's hands. My dress was ruined, burned into ashes, but I didn't care. I didn't like the dress anyways. Only a little part of my hair was burned off, but I didn't care about that either. I think Mommy was ok too, she was driving and talking to me, but I wasn't listening. That fire had a different effect on me that it should have. Instead of making me scared of it, I was drawn to it.


  And, that's how I'm here. I guess last night I was drawn to the fire, to the flickering light because of that one day all those years ago. I don't know why I still liked fire, actually I should be terrified of it, but...I'm not. The fire got smothered out as I put a lid on the small pot that held it. If it hadn't been for that day, I probably wouldn't have stopped by that man...would I? I shook the thought from my head as grabbed at my neck where the locket half lay. The chain was too long, therefore it actually fell into my bra when I walked, but I didn't care, it was hidden from the sight of anyone who might use it against me as the note said. Glancing back at the pot, I grabbed it and dumped out the ashes, erasing any evidence that I had been there. I actually became a pro at this, making sure I didn't touch anything important, throwing evidence away, erasing mud and water tracks, sadly, I got really good at this. These skills were from my rebel days when I was 13 and 14. My friends and I would sneak out of the house, into clubs or abandoned warehouses, really anywhere we could. It became a habit that I guess I still hadn't kicked, I am now.


   "Hey! Where you goin little Rosie?!" I cringed at my pathetic nickname from these loser people I called friends.

   "Out," I icily replied, but they knew better.

   "But, you'll come back right?! I mean you need us slut. You better not leave, you know what'll happen if you do," Again I cringed at the apparent smirk in Ayden's voice. Everyone snickered behind him. I took another step before his voice cut me off again. "Even if you do leave you little bitch, you'll always thank us for the skills we've taught you, you'll always use them, trust me slut," I shook my head.

   "We'll see," I breathed, too quiet for them to hear. I left and never turned back. Later on they all got put behind bars for shoplifting, assault, breaking and entering, and Ayden got more jail time for rape and murder... Man I was glad I wasn't with them anymore.


   But once again, here I am, breaking and entering...even though the door was open, I think it still counted. Suddenly Ayden's words washed over me so strong, I swore I could hear his voice whispering them in my ear. Turning to find nothing, a sudden chill ran up my spine, and I grabbed my stuff before bolting to the door. I couldn't be in there anymore. I ran into the streets, thankful that I but the footsie pjs back on, and never looked back, the same thing I did outside that warehouse with my "gang" in it. They never came after me, I guess they never thought I'd be gone for long. The locket swung around in my shirt. I wanted to get as far from this place as I could, but I knew I had to find Dustin. He couldn't have gone that far...could he? I shook the doubt from my head. I walked into the downtown square where there was a small farmer's market. In the middle, people in traditional costumes danced around. I smiled and walked up to the small display. I looked a little out of place, but no one seemed to mind. Clapping along to the music, I got offered many samples of traditional and home grown french food. A small girl handed me some sort of vegetable that wasn't half bad, and I bought a little more of it. A small boy, similar to Lucas, handed me something on a stick, and as I bit into it, it turned soggy in my mouth. I smiled and when he wasn't looking, spit it into a trash can. After being offered a bottle of free water, that I gladly took thanks to that thing on the stick, I walked away from the dancing to some more booths where there were hand made objects. Some German man, that looked about as out of place as me, was widdling away at a piece of wood, turning it into a coo-coo clock like the many he already had lining the tables of his booth. A very skinny lady wove beautiful jewelry with shaky hands. At the very end booth there was a lady with a very large purple dress and headdress. She had her eyes closed while holding the hand of a boy with messy, slept on brown hair. A crystal ball sat in between them on the table. She kept her eyes closed as she spoke.

   "Someone very important will reenter your life. They will wish to speak to you, you must listen to what they tell you," With her last words she opened her eyes and looked at him. He had his back towards me, so I couldn't see his face.

   He chuckled as he spoke, "Ya...whatever crazy lady. I ain't giving you no money for that load of shit," He growled the last part at her. She gave him a knowing smile, and waved her hand to shoo him away. He stood up, almost knocking over the table, then turned in my direction. He froze when he saw me.

   "There's your sign," The woman spoke as she flipped a closed sign onto her desk, pulled out a rather large sandwich, and walked away, tearing at the bread with her teeth. His eyes never left mine.

   "You should listen to her; I need to talk to you," I walked up to him cautiously, throwing some money on the lady's table, but this time...Dustin didn't move...

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