Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


4. Chapter 3


  I woke up to a bright light from above me. My eyes scanned the small, empty room that I was placed in. Literally...empty. Nothing was in here, just the small table/bed thing that I was perched on, and the light. A small door was in one corner...but...that's it. No windows, just walls, floor, and ceiling, all white. Perfectly white, completely white, so white it swarmed in front of my vision and made me dizzy. I clutched my head as the small door was opened by the small boy that had been taking care of Dustin along with his dad. He moved around, cautiously looking at me as if I was something to be feared. Then I them...I was... They thought I was something that scared Dustin, so they were afraid of me too. I felt bad instantly and forced a small smile to come over my dry lips. A smile of relief spread across his face, brightening the darkness in his eyes once again. He seemed tired, so much more tired than a ten year old should be. Dark circles framed his eyes. Even his tight, young skin seemed to sag with age that had been added over night...or nights... How long have I been out?! Suddenly panic washed over me. Dustin could've woken up and left without knowing I was here, them not telling him cause they thought I scared him. He could've gotten worse and I didn't know cause of whatever they put in my arm...however long ago that was. I could be somewhere else and not in that small room in the clinic. The wildness came back into my eyes as they darted along the walls of the cramped room. The boy must've felt my shift in mood cause he was now clung against the wall next to a red button in a glass case that I swore wasn't there before...or was it. Other things were suspiciously appearing in the room. A heart monitor appeared in a corner, a small x-ray picture was placed on the wall, and a mirror, that I assumed was one-way glass, filled one wall almost entirely. The small boy now had his hand slowly moving closer to the button, slowly lifting up the glass covering. That would trigger an alarm and I would, for sure, be put to sleep again. I didn't want that. I needed to make sure Dustin was here...and ok...

   "No!" I yelled. He froze. I placed my hands out in front of me. "I'm sorry I scared you, I was just thinking bout my hurt friend. Is he still here?" I asked, lowering my tone so it sounded much lighter and sweeter. He slowly nodded, the same scared expression stayed in his eyes, but his face relaxed. My shoulders went slack, and I let out a breath that I didn't know I'd been holding. "Good," I breathed out another sigh of relief. I looked back up to the boy, still scared. "I promise I won't hurt you. I don't really scare that other kid. We were...friends...back home, that's why he was saying my name in his sleep," It seemed to confuse him that I knew they had said that, but he shrugged it off. "Please believe me...I need to see him," I begged, my tone almost whiny. He let out a little sigh before looking to the mirror. His phone beeped from his pocket, no doubt a text from his dad. He sighed again and smiled a little at me.

   "Follow me," his French accent making it hard to understand. I smiled bigger and nodded. As I placed my small feet on the freezing floor, I realized two things. One, it was freezing cold everywhere! And two, I was only in this patient gown thingy. I looked behind me, thankful that the back of the gown wasn't open like normal ones. I shivered cause of the cold. He must've noticed cause the little boy handed me a pair of fuzzy footsie pajamas a second later. I looked at them and smiled, something I would actually wear at home. He gestured for me to change in a small room that held only a toilet and a bucket of soap and water with a small yellow sponge on the edge of it. Slipping into the warm pjs, I put the gown in a dirty clothes basket along the wall and joined the boy once again. Suddenly his name popped into my mind.

   "Lucas, did he wake up?"

   "Yes Rosalie,"

   "Please call me Rose,"

   "You want to be called a flower?" He asked. This made me laugh.

   "Yes, but a very pretty flower,"

   "Yes, a very pretty flower indeed," I swear this kid was like ten times the mental age he should be. Instead of acting ten, he acted thirty! And, that he said this with a straight face...I couldn't believe it! It surprised me a little. I shrugged it off and kept following behind him. When we finally turned a corner to what seemed like the longest white hall in history, he opened a small door identical to mine. "Here you go," He spoke without looking at me. I smiled and nodded, slowly stepping into the room. I turned back just as he was bout to close the door, recalling the small amount of French I knew.

   "Merci," I spoke. I guess I would have to learn a little more French in order to live here. He smiled, hearing his own language seemed to brighten his mood a little.

   "Soyez le beinvenu," You're welcome. I nodded in agreement and turned back. There was a small white room, same as any in this small place, with the only thing that was any other color lying on a small table/bed thing in the center of the room. Dustin. He seemed ok, but not awake. My eyebrows creased together as I walked over to his side. His eyes were closed, a small IV in his arm, but that was it. He looked peaceful, beautiful, the same Dustin that I loved back home...or thought I'd love... I didn't know anymore, and it made me sad to think bout. I shook the thought from my head. I didn't wanna think bout that right now. Raising my hand and moving it slowly, I traced the features of his face. His eyes brows, his eyelids, the dark, thick eyelashes that I loved, down his nose, up his cheek, down his jaw line, and finally to his bright pink lips. Half-way through tracing them, they parted and let out a small groan. His eyes fluttered open, reveling the blue eyes that had haunted my sleep my first night here.

   "Hey," I breathed.

   "Hey," He whispered back. He seemed happy to see me, plenty happy enough. I saw no trace of the anger that was there when I left, when he found out. "What time is it?" I laughed a little and shrugged.

   "I don't know, I just became alive to the world a little bit ago too," We both laughed.

   "Why were you out?" He asked. I shrugged.

   "I didn't sleep well the first night here, I was worrying bout you. And, I think I scared Lucas and his dad when I dropped in on their conversation bout you that next day. I think they needed to talk still, and I was getting in the way casue I wanted to see you. They said you woke up that day...but no one got to see you. They said you were saying my name and shaking in your sleep; they thought you were scared of me..." When the last few words escaped my mouth, suddenly I was done talking. Something else was keeping my mouth busy...Dustin's mouth. His lips and mine moved in sync like they did back in England, back in that janitor's closet, back in my bedroom...back in his. Not rushed just...there, sweet and there. I smiled at the feeling, but something was wrong bout it. It didn't seem as fiery, didn't give the same tingly feeling it used to. I shook it off, thinking it was just th drug that had put me to sleep. A knocking snapped us back into reality, and we both turned to see Lucas's father standing in the doorway. He didn't seem embarrassed, but rather that he'd seen this happen before. I took a step away, and my cheeks flushed red. Dustin laughed at my embarrassment, and I kicked his foot with mine. He cleared his throat before speaking to the two of us.

   "You probably want to know how long you've been out...right?" We both nodded at the same time. "Bout six days, almost a week," Both of you woke up many times over and over, but each time you were put back to sleep. I remembered the white room from before, I remember waking up and the cold liquid sliding into my arm, but...I'd thought it was a dream. I nodded before he completed his thought. "Dinner's ready if you want some, might wanna put some clothes on; it's cold outside," He directed the last part of his sentence towards Dustin. Dustin looked down at what he was wearing and laughed, nodding along with him. He motioned to the corner where another pair of footsie pjs hung on the wall. I smiled at them. When he was done changing, in front of me...cause he didn't really care that much, we walked out of the cold building into the even colder air outside. I looked at him and pulled the hood over his head, giggling as I did so. He made a fake disgusted face and roared at me. Since he was a dinosaur, it made sense. I laughed and growled back since I was a polar bear. We stood there laughing, both of us thinking it felt too good to stop. Finally when silence took over, we were still standing in the garden area.

   My face went serious as I asked, "Can you believe we were out for almost a week?!" He laughed and shook his head. All of the sudden his expression went from happy to see me, to pissed, to hurt, then pissed again.

   "You weren't in my room at all were you?" I shook my head, confused at his sudden change of mood. He nodded sharply once and let out an evil sounding chuckle. Suddenly I realized he remembered why he left England in the first place, my face dropped into a sad expression. "That's probably why I was so happy sleeping in there, you weren't in there with little...slut..." The words hit me hard, but the last one felt like a blow to the face. I couldn't believe he just said that... "Oh..." He saw my expression, my almost teary expression...but his face was hard, his eyes dark... " think I was just gonna see you and forgive you? There's a reason I left Rose...and it wasn't cause I wanted you with me..." He growled the last part. He turned sharply on his heel, turning his head to give me a parting smirk, and took off running into the night. I stood there in shook, watching the dinosaur head/hood disappear into the darkness. My legs felt weak, and knowing I couldn't chase after him, knowing he didn't want me to, I walked back into the house. Without saying a word, I got my bags and stood by the door. I threw some cash on the table where they were sitting.

   "Merci pout tout...pour nous deux," Where the words, 'Thank you for everything...for both of us,' in French came from...I didn't know. With a single nod and a forced smile I opened the door and walked outside. They were all in too much shock to register what had just happened, so they didn't come after me. With that, and my bags, dressed as a polar bear, I took off walking into the night. Just a small white blur next to the black everything else.

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