Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


28. Chapter 22

A/N I'm sorry it took so long for me to update. I got my comments a few weeks ago, but I was really busy with school and stuff :/. Hope this chapter makes up for it :).'s really long for one of my chapters ;) -xx Em :)


   Frozen. That's what I was.

   "Wh-Wh-Who are y-you-u?" Jasper stuttered out, barley breathing. Slowly, I forced myself to turn, letting my eyes take in the scene that was now in front of me. They widened as I saw a gun that was steadily moving back and forth from pointing at my chest to Jasper's. That's all I could see. Not her face, not her body, not her hand, not her finger wrapped around the trigger, just the gun....just the gun. My breath hitched. This isn't happening...this isn't happening...I can't breath...I can't breath...NEED. TO. BREATH!

   "Irrelevant. What's your's?" She spoke.

   "Irrelevant," Jasper sassed back.

   "Irrelevant?! You do what the gunman says!" I screamed, not knowing I had the breath in me to get the words past my lips. Then I saw a twitch of red out of the corner of my eye, and I glanced up to see the bright red corners of her lips curve slightly into a small smile.

   "If you want to do what the gunman says, you tell me your names," The lump was back in my throat. I swallowed, trying to dislodge it, but it refused to move. My mouth opened and closed, but no words came out;the only sound coming from my teeth chattering. "Tick, tock, tick, tock," Her hand that was holding the gun swayed back and forth but now permanently stayed aimed towards my my heart.

   "Jason and Jasper," I spit out, trembling over the words.

   "Hmm...Jason and Jasper" A shiver ran down my spine. The red lipstick, that was now pressed into a thin line, forced attention to her face; but that was the only thing I could see. Most of her face was covered up by big, black sunglasses.

   "Why are you here?" Jasper forced out through clenched teeth. He must have been thinking the same thing I was, hearing our name come from her mouth was gut wrenching. Her head tipped to the side. I could feel her eyes piercing into us, switching from his face to mine, as a large smirk went over her face.


   "How?! You come in here, and tear everything up and call it 'Irrelevant'?! Please enlighten me on your logic," Jasper yelled, but I kept my mouth shut...well quiet, my mouth was gaping open in shock. Somehow the smirk that danced on her lips, got wider.

   "Well..." She stepped forward, lowering the gun a bit. " won't be around much longer to find out why," Before either of us had time to register the words, a loud 'Bang!' rang through the air, and piercing air flamed through my upper thigh. A sound that sounded un-human escaped my lips, filling the air and echoing off the dented walls. Another 'Bang!' sounded out, then Jasper's body landed next to mine, his hands wrapped around his foot that was now pulsing blood. "Goodbye boys," The words sounded more like a whisper, like rustling the leaves in the summer breeze. Next time my eyes opened, we were alone. My eyes flickered over to Jasper, who was now passed out; if it was from blood loss or pain...I wouldn't know. Blood pooled around both of us, but I refused to die now. We came here for a reason, and I wasn't going to give up that easy. My phone had died, but I dug Callie's out of my back pocket, dialing the police. A fuzzy voice rang out just as the black was edging around my vision, quickly collapsing around the color.

   "Police, what is your emergency?" I knew I was going to fade fast, so I gurgled out the one word that came to mind.



   My brother had woken up a few hours ago, but I wasn't allowed to see him until they were done running tests. Tears streaked my cheeks, and more formed in my eyes, threatening to spill over as they had so many times this week.

   "He's fading fast! Code Blue, Code Blue!" That horrifying, constant 'beep' came again, and I rushed to the window of the room where my brother was being held; but, he was sitting up talking to the female doctor. I'm loosing it. I'm going crazy. This is it...this is the thing that will finally break me... But, the 'BEEEEEEEEEP' never ceased. Looking over my shoulder, I watched four nurses and a doctor working on a teenage boy who had blood pooling around his upper thigh. I shuddered. Whatever happened, it must have severed the artery that was right there, causing so much blood loss. The loud noise that haunted my dreams was coming from a machine that was being rolled next to him. My eyes went wide as I realized he could well be this hospital's next patient to die...he could be like my father. The team of five burst through the doors and went into the next hallway, the loud noise fading. Then, another boy was rolled through the front door, this one not loosing as much blood, this one was almost stable. Only two paramedics rolled this one through the two doors at the end of the hall. I thought it was funny that one boy that was on the verge of dying and another who just looked passed out could go into the same wing of the hospital, in rooms very close to each other no doubt. It was just ironic. Then, like a flash back, the second boy's face came into my mind...then the first's. I knew these boys. Jasper and Jason, the two boys looking for Rose and Dustin. And...Jason was dying. Good, I thought, she deserves to lose people she loves too.

   "Collette?" A voice snapped me out of my train of though, snapping my malicious eyes from the still swinging doors that they were pushed through. I looked up at the doctor that was talking to my brother. "You can see him now if you'd like," I nodded, standing up to see my brother who had just escaped the claws of death.


   I was pacing the room, restless since Kale had appeared. Something seemed off to me. I don't know what it was, but something was different from the last time he was here; like he was...hiding something. My fingers scratched at the stubble on my chin, thinking about what it could be, but before I got too far into it, the loud sound of Harry's cell phone went off.

   "Hello?" He answered.

   "Hey," A soft voice came from behind me. I didn't turn, but felt two arms wrap around my waist from behind. Her soft lips kissed my back through my shirt before she pressed her face into the warm material. "Are you ok?" She whispered. My hands reached down to tangle her fingers with mine, our bodies swaying back and forth slightly.

   "Ya..." I sighed and shook my head. "No," Her lips pressed themselves to my back again. There was nothing lustful about the gesture, just concern for me that I could feel radiating from her body to mine. My body twisted around in her grip, and my arms twined themselves around her waist now that I was facing her. She let out a small sigh as her face pushed into my chest.

   "Me either," She whispered out. Now it was my turn to kiss the top of her head, trying to comfort her as much as she was trying to comfort me.

   "We'll find her. We'll bring her back. I promise," My lips planted themselves on her head again, and I felt her shake it under them.

   "No," Her voice hasn't risen above a whisper since she came in here. Another sigh passed her lips. "When she was little, she would always hide from me at malls and shops. I couldn't find her for hours sometimes," A small laugh fell from her slightly parted mouth, her words slurring against the material of my shirt. "She's one of those kids that when she doesn't want to be found...she doesn't," My mouth opened to speak, but I was cut off by Harry's yell.

   "Liam!" Emily jumped in my arms, ripping herself from my hold on her to get into the kitchen where Harry was. Liam rushed down the stairs, Kale standing at the top of the other ones.

   "What's going on?" He asked, clearly confused.

   "Jasper....Jason," Harry breathed out, almost collapsing on the floor. Emily and I grabbed his arms, keeping him from falling. Once he got his balance back, we let go of him, letting him grab the counter for support. "They....They're at the hospital.... They were..." He swallowed hard, and I was afraid he was going to faint. "...shot," He breathed out. The same look of shock and dread spread across each of our faces.

   "What's going on?" Kale called.

   "Just get in the car," Emily yelled back.

   With Liam and I's help, Harry walked to the car, and buckled himself into the backseat in between Kale and Liam. As soon as I got into the passenger's side, Emily punched the gas, and I barley had time to secure my seat belt before we barreled to the chunnel that would lead us into France...and to the hospital where Jason and Jasper were being held.

   "What's going on?" Kale asked again. Honestly, I almost forgot he was here. Some father I am. I let one kid run away and almost forgot the other. My eyes met with Emily's for a second, then the boy's in the back seat caught my eye in the review mirror. Before I could speak, Emily did. Her eyes locked with Kale's for a second in the mirror, then went back to watching the road.

   "I think there's a story that you need to hear," She glanced at me and nodded. And, there we were, speeding down the highway telling the story from the beginning...starting with four months ago...

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