Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


25. Chapter 20

A/N Well you guys got 82 comments, so here is the next chapter :) Love you all :) P.S. I decided to change the promise ring Zayn was going to give Emily into a real engagement ring :D! -xx Em


   "Sorry, I just didn't expect you to be here," I heard a shocked Liam say as I descended the stairs. My curiosity grew as I landed on the ground and made my way to the front door. As it came into sight, I saw someone that we hadn't seen in four, almost five, months. My mouth dropped open as I stood there in the same shock that Liam was frozen in. Behind me I heard Zayn make his way to the door too. The face in front of me looked up to lock eyes with him. The person standing there hadn't grown much in these past months, but you could tell a slight difference. Zayn stood there, also in shock. Finally the person spoke.

   "Hi dad,"


   "What do you want with me?!" I screamed at the two people standing in front of me. I was struggling against the restraints that held my wrists together.

   "Calm down! We aren't going to hurt you!" He had to yell over the clanging of the bed hitting the floor over and over from my constant thrashing. His hands grabbed at my sides, trying to pin me down to the over sized sheets. I struggled more.

   "Let go of me!" My voice cracked from my yelling, the words getting choked from the tears streaming down my face. "Don't touch me!" Finally, he gave up, letting me go. He backed up, standing next to Issac where he leaned against the far wall. I gave up struggling, finally collapsing on the bed. The tears never ceased.

   "What are we going to do?" Somehow the Issac's whispers got to my ears over my aggressive crying.

   "I don't know... Maybe we can try to make her trust us?" The boy beside Issac whispered. I didn't even know his name, not that I needed to know.

   "Please just let me go," I begged. They both turned their heads towards me, looking at each other, then looking back at my small body huddled on the bed.

   "We can't do that," Issac spoke. The other one stayed quiet.

   "W-Why?" I sobbed out, the tears falling faster. All I saw was him push himself off the wall, then he was sitting next to me on the bed, trying to wipe the tears that were falling too fast to catch. He made a 'Shh' sound, leaning his head down to kiss my forehead.

   When he pulled back, he whispered these words, "You're going to help us find Rose,"


  It had been a few days since Jasper and Jason showed up at my door step, a few days since my dad and brother had run into the hospital covered in blood. I was driving to my parent's house when my phone rang. A nurse was frantic on the other end, but I could tell she was trying to be calm for my sake. When I got there, my father was passed out, and my brother was hooked up to a machine that was regulating his breathing. Neither one looked too good. The nurse explained that they had both been shot, my dad once, my brother three times. The little boy was in a coma, the machine helping him breath since one bullet lodged into his lung. They were both very lucky to be alive actually. The police had been here earlier, but had to leave for a more urgent matter than trying to question two asleep victims. I think that's why Rose and Dustin left. We were all supposed to meet up at my parent's house, but they must've seen these two get shot. I was mad at them, they didn't call the medics, they watched my family get shot. And, if I ever saw them again...they were dead.

   "Here you go," A hand flew in front of my face, almost spilling to coffee that it was holding.

   "Thanks," I grumbled, ripping the hot cup out of her hand. Without saying anything else, the nurse turned and walked away. I was trying really hard not to cry at this point, and it wasn't just from the boiling liquid that found its way over the lip of the cup and onto the leg of my pants. My mother had just died last night, and now my father and little brother were sitting in here, almost dead. Was I going to lose everyone I loved?! My mom, dad, brother, girl. Tears pricked my eyes at the thought. Without thinking, I walked over, sitting in the chair beside my dad's white bed. "I love you," I whispered, letting the tears fall. "So much more than you'll ever know. I'm sorry someone did this to you. I promise I'll find them. I promise I'll protect you, both of you. I couldn't protect mom, but I'll protect you two. I promise. I love you. I love you daddy," At this point, I was gripping his hand in mine, squeezing his fingers with my own. Tears fell freely down my face, my words mumbled by sobs. "Please be ok daddy. Please. I love you," Suddenly, there was a noise, a noise that literally stopped my heart... The heart beat machine let out a steady 'Beep'. I froze. No, no this wan't happening...NO! Nurses rushed in, pushing me out of the way, starting to work on my dad. I struggled against hands as they tried to usher me out into the hallway. I fought back with everything I had, only to stop when those three words entered me ears. Then I gave up, letting my body go slack, so I almost had to be carried out into the waiting room.

   "Time of death..." My father was dead, and now Rose and Dustin were going to be too...


   The steps seemed to go on forever, or maybe it was just that I didn't want to confront Emily, because I didn't have the nerve to ask her anymore. She needed someone, I needed someone. Why not each other? I shook the thought from my head, Liam could give me another pep talk later on, but right now we had company. When I finally got to the bottom, I heard Emily gasp, then it was dead silent. I could hear my labored breathing. What happened?! I quickened my pace, speeding around the corner to see someone that I hadn't seen in about five months. Liam and Emily were frozen, staring at the silhouette standing in the doorway. I could tell that they traveled a long way to get here, their shirt ripped and their jeans splattered with mud. Their eyes met mine before they spoke.

   "Hi dad," My mouth opened and closed in pure and utter shock. I didn't know what to say. Thunder cracked from outside, rain beginning to pour down, splashing into the doorway.

   "Oh my!" Emily spoke, coming out of her trance. "Here, come inside, you're probably freezing," She wrapped an arm around them, ushering them into the room. Liam pushed the door shut, the wind catching it and making it slam. Once we were inside, my voice suddenly came to me, the words erupting out of my mouth before I could stop them.

   "Hi Kale,"

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1) Honestly, how many of you thought Rose had returned?

2) Did anyone remember Kale?

I know that I totally forgot that I introduced him already lol.

3) What's a good name for Issac's friend?

Love ya :) -xx Em

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