Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


22. Chapter 18


   "Wake up," I felt a hand shake my shoulder.

   "Leave me alone," I groaned, turning onto my stomach.

   "Get up!" The voice screamed, making me jump out of the bed. He hadn't hurt me since I had been here, but...I didn't want to test his temper... Without another word, I stood up, brushing my knotted hair from in front of my face. Usually this was the time when he would leave the room, waiting for me to get ready, but this time he stayed. I cocked an eyebrow at him, giving him a confused look. He shook his head. A small chuckle rumbled through his chest. "We're going somewhere," Without letting me even put on different clothes, I was taken by the wrist and thrown into a van. "Goodnight doll," He spoke, tying the cloth are my mouth and nose. Within seconds, I was out.


   I knew they took the phone. They have it. But, as long as they have no proof, they can't accuse me of anything... Jasper and Jason had come over a few days ago, wondering about the bag. It was pretty generic, it was probably someone else's, but...just to make sure I had torn my room apart about ten times since then. I had to find it. It had to be around here...somewhere... My room was now spotless, and I mean spotless. I hadn't just cleaned it, I had cleaned it out! Nothing was left in my room, not even my bed... Still nothing...

   "Damn it!" I screamed. My hands ran through my hair. I really did leave it there. It really was mine. I'm just glad they found it before the cops did... But, what now?... I shrugged, tossing the thought while I went into my sister's room, but she wasn't here. Callie was. I needed her help me find Dustin and Rose. She was the only one that Rose might still be in contact with...maybe.


   "It feels so good to be home," I spoke with a huge smile overtaking my face.

   "It really does," Liam spoke, Zayn nodding in agreement.

   "It feels like the old days doesn't it?" Zayn asked. "Just the three...four of us," He turned to wink at Emily. Something in her face made me stop smiling.

   "What's wrong?" I asked. Liam and Zayn both had already noticed her look too. She looked like she was going to throw up. She shook her head.

   "There's one...two things we forgot in France," She whispered.

   "What?" I asked. We were so caught up in being home that we didn't notice anything missing...was there anything missing? Emily snaked out of Zayn's grip on her waist, pulling a photo off of a bookcase in the living room before coming back.

   "This," She whispered, holding out the photo for the rest of us to see. It was a picture of a younger Harry with one arm wrapped around a younger Liam. At their feet were two young boys, smiling and grinning at the camera. Jason and Jasper...


   Jason and I had returned to France, hoping to find Rose and Dustin, or maybe just Collette. She would be helpful too. We had been watching her house for a few days now, returning to our post just after confronting Issac. My eyes drifted over to Jason who was turning Callie's phone over and over in his hands.

   "What do you think happened to her...?" He whispered, barley able to get the words out, for tears were brimming in his eyes.

   "Nothing was just a prank. You know Callie better than any of us. She has Louis' personality, and she loves to play pranks. That's all it was. She's fine. She's at home. She's safe," He nodded.


   "Promise," It took him a while to reply.

   "Sorry. I know that it was just a prank, this is so like Callie. I just don't like the thought...or the thought that Issac had her phone..." He trailed off there, shuddering.

   I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if this was a prank or not, but Callie was strong, she could hold her own. Rose could too, but she was preg... I can't even say that word. I sighed out loud, causing Jason to look over at me, putting the phone back in his pocket.

   "We'll find her mate. She's out here somewhere," He spoke. I nodded.




   I woke up to Rose's side of the bed empty of everything except a note. It read:

Went down to get breakfast. I'll bring you some back up later :)


   I smiled. My hands threw the covers off my body, my feet taking me to the shower. I only took about 20 minutes to get ready, then I was dressed and heading down the stairs to the complementary breakfast that was held in a non-formal dining room. There was a line of breakfast food sitting on a counter, a chef standing behind it with his tall hat. I laughed, thinking how Rose would find that funny. Right before I turned the corner, I heard her laugh ring through the air, then...another one joining her's. I froze. My head peaked around the corner. My eyes took in the scene in front of me. Rose was sitting at a table with Foster, both of them eating big plates of food. While I was watching, Foster leaned over to place a kiss on her cheek. She flushed bright red. That's it, I was done. Without knowing what I was doing, I stormed back up to the room, shoving my things into my bag.  When I zipped it, it was bursting at the seems. The anger hit me again like a wreaking ball, making me throw everything in sight, trashing the room.

   "There, let her find that," I smirked while I whispered to myself. With my bag in hand, I left. I was done.


   "Foster! What are you doing?" I screamed, pushing him away. Sure he was cute, but I had a boyfriend sleeping upstairs!

   "S-Sorry-y...I-I d-don't know wh-what came o-over me-e. I-..." With that he walked away, leaving me staring after him form the table. My eyes glanced down to my food. I didn't have an appetite any more. Leaving the dishes there, I rode the elevator up to the room.

   "Hey Dustin, sorry I forgot to bring you foo-" I was cut off by a choking in my throat. What happened?! Oh my god! I walked around the room, searching for my boyfriend. Where is he. My phone went off, showing that I had a message.

From: Dustin~ Don't come after me.

A/N OMG Dustin left and Issac kidnapped Callie!! How many of you called it?

This chapter was just to remind you guys where all the characters are...and to show you that I'm still alive ;). I'm sorry I haven't updated, I had really bad writer's block. Thanks to Louis_fav_sister again cause she inspired me to write again :)

I'll do questions next chapter ;)

~Sorry guys...5 comments for the next chapter.

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