Goodnight Daddy

(Sequel to Are You my Father?)
"The baby's yours Dustin,"
But what happens when Dustin leaves unexpectedly...what do they do then?


18. Chapter 17


    The train ride went by slowly, our anxiousness to find Issac building up within us. When we finally got to his house, we took the steps quickly, knocking on the door loudly to get his attention. Jasper and I stared at the door until we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, the door swinging open with a creak. Immediately, we pushed ourselves inside, shutting the door ourselves. Issac stared at the door for a second in confusion, before turning to us.

   "Can I help you?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. I looked at Jasper, him nodding,  before I held up the bag.

   "Is this your's?" He took a look at it, eyebrows pressing together in concentration.

   "I don't know, it's kinda generic don't you think? Could be anyone's,"

   "Do you have your's?" Jasper took a step forward, now standing right by my side. Issac shrugged.

   "How should I know? I don't hang around here very often anymore,"

   "Where do you hang out now then?" I asked, actually getting curious. He shrugged again, keeping his arms crossed.

   "None of your business," With that he walked into the living room, leaving us standing there like fools.

   I gave Jasper a look of confusion before following Issac. He was sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone. I walked over to the table behind the couch, scanning my eyes over all the pictures sitting there. There were pictures of him when he was little, standing there with Piper and Dustin, wearing the animal hats from the zoo. Or, the one where him and Piper were covered in mud, smiling big, holding up a few frogs they caught. There was another one with him and his family, along with our families, sitting on blankets as the new year fireworks went off. Our families loved each other...used to love each other...then it happened. I shuddered as I remembered it. That time was terrible for all of us. We used to be so tight, all of us being best friends, never leaving each other's sides. It was never the same after that. Even now, the three of us could barley be in the same room, and wouldn't be if it weren't for the suspicion that Issac knew something about Rose, like Collette, something that we didn't. I just happened to glance down at his phone, reading a small message that had been sent. It read, 'Help!'

   Help? Why would he need help? I scanned the rest of the messages quickly, hopping to glance something else that would explain why, but the rest of the messages were normal, talking about shoes and...wait. Shoes?

   "I'm going to the bathroom, you two idiots can leave now," Issac spoke, getting up from the couch, and walking down the hallway. As soon as the bathroom door shut, I jumped over the couch, grabbing his phone and typing in the password I had seen him do.

   "What are you doing?" Jasper asked, sitting down next to me.

   "This isn't his phone," I breathed, my heart racing.

   "What?" I turned the phone over, revealing the Hollister bird case.

   "It's not his," I breathed again, looking at the message over and over that didn't get sent, 'Help!'

   "Whose is it then?" Jasper asked, grabbing the phone from my hand, reading the text also. His face scrunched up, getting confused. "This was sent to you," I nodded.

   "I know. It's Callie's,"


   Harry was leaning against the bars of this stupid cell, staring at all the people walking by, arms folded over his chest. Emily was sitting on one of the beds that folded down from the wall. Her head was in her hands, shaking slightly, as Zayn, who was sitting beside her, whispered things into her ear, trying to calm her down. I was sitting down on the bed opposite them, watching as we all slowly unraveled from being in this screwed up place.

   "Are we ever going to get out of here?" I heard Harry speak up. We all looked at him, except Emily who just sat there, her whole body now shaking a bit. I shrugged, looking back down at my twiddling thumbs.

   "No! No, shut up! It was my fault, and you know it!" I looked up as Emily stood up, yelling the words that I knew would come sooner or later. Her anger hadn't been directed at Zayn, who she yelled at, but at herself. I knew she would blame this on herself, she always took things like this really hard, especially when she thought that she had caused it.

   "Miss, please calm down," We were all now looking at the police officer who had appeared at the bars, standing just out of arms reach of Harry, just in case. Seeing she had her hand on her tazer, Emily walked over to my bed and sat down, returning her head back to her hands. I placed one hand on her back, rubbing in circles until she began shaking again. My eyes wandered up to Zayn, who looked a little sad and jealous at the same time. He noticed the look I was giving him, seeming to relax, knowing that I didn't mean anything to her other than a friend. He wanted to come comfort her, tell her it wasn't her fault, but that wasn't what she needed. Emily needed to be out of here, to have Rose back, to have a "normal" life again. Once again, that police officer came to the gate, opening it slightly, beckoning for Emily to come out. She sighed, standing up, and giving us all a last glance before walking down the hallway with the officer's hand, to guide her, on her back. Ever since we had gotten in here, the officers were interrogating all of us on why we needed the records and what we saw. Emily got the worst of it. She always returned to the cell near tears, but she was too strong to let them fall, at least when anyone else could see. I'd watched one night when silent tears fell from her face, Zayn trying to wipe each one off before she could notice that it was there, but there were too many. They fell down her face, making a small dark puddle on the hem of her T-shirt before Zayn pulled her into his chest, and another puddle was created on his chest. I sighed, not wanting to witness that again. This time was different though...


   This time she came back smiling from ear to ear, like a child that had just been handed the biggest ice cream cone on the menu. Before opening the gate, the officer undid her handcuffs, placing them in his belt, and opened the door, letting us all out. The three of us shared a confused look before turning it to Emily and the officer. She was bouncing up and down, once again like a small child.

   "They're letting us out!" She whispered, knowing that if she raised her voice, it would come out as a scream of happiness.

   "Wha- Wh- How?" Harry stuttered out. I was in complete shock, while Zayn grabbed Emily and spun her around like teenagers.

   "Someone bailed you out," The officer said, leading us to the front.

   "Who?!" All three of us asked, almost screaming in excitement with Emily. The officer shrugged.

   "Said that they wanted to keep it private, didn't need the press involved," We all nodded, grabbing the stuff that had been confiscated. Without another word, we were out of there, headed for the train to take us home. That was enough excitement in France for awhile.

A/N Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, been a little busy. I'll try to update sooner in the future. MORE QUESTION TIME!! :) YAYAYAYAYA!!!

1) Did Issac actually kidnap Callie, or is there some other reason he had her phone?

2) Who do you think bailed the four out of jail?

Does anybody remember the man and son that ran into the hospital? The lady had to take care of them, and that's when Emily tried to read all the information on Rose and Dustin.

3) Why do you think that they ran in there all bloody?

4) (Again) Team Jasper, Team Dustin, or Team Foster?

5) Has anybody out there seen the Lego Movie?


Please comment and answer my questions guys, it really would mean a lot to me. This might sound selfish, but it makes me feel like people really don't care about this story cause I feel like no one comments. If you do comment, thank you, it really helps me continue this story :) I really appreciate it. Who knows? The more comments I get, may affect how fast I update!! Love ya all! :) -xx Em

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