The Voice (L.T) -On Hold-

Alex is an amazing singer, she has a mean step mom and a step sister. What happens when something happens and she can't sing anymore? The only way to get her voice back is to get 3 words from her true love. How hard can it be?


3. Three


I sat on my bed thinking of what I was gonna do. We’re leaving for New York in a day. Management wants us to go to some silly dance it’s supposed to bring more fans in? I don’t see how since were going to be wearing masks.

I walked over to my desk and logged onto Facebook. I’m not supposed to have a Facebook so I keep it a secret. They aren’t going to find out; I mean I used a different name. I looked at my notifications to see 25 people liked my TBH status.

I scroll through the names picking out some people. One girl in general just kind of popped out, I went to her profile and a lot of people were rude to her. She was beyond gorgeous, she had long brown hair and her name was Alex.

I started to type, but I erased it. Instead I posted ‘Tbh, I don’t know you but I think you’re pretty and I’m sorry people are rude to you.’

I don’t know what it was about her but I wanted to know more! I sighed as I wanted for her to like it or something. Why did I want her to talk to me so badly? I don’t even know her, who knows she may be a killer.

I felt my phone vibrate, I quickly unlocked it and clicked the messenger app.

Alex: Do I know you?

 I smiled widely as I typed in ‘Probably not.’ Now, she probably thinks I’m a stalker. I walked a couple minutes.

Me: Don’t worry, love. I’m not a stalker.

I sighed after she didn’t answer for a while. I locked my phone putting it on my nightstand and grabbed my suitcase. I had to pack! I forgot to do this earlier. I quickly pulled out my dresser draws and dumped them into my suitcase.

After I did that, I grabbed everything out of my closet and folded them into my suitcase. I checked my phone while taking a little break.

I had a message from Alex and a text from Niall.

Alex: Why are you talking to me? You’re not some girl or guys who’s friends with my sister and playing me are you?

I exited the app, and check my text.

*Hey! We’re leaving at 8 in the morning. Be ready! –Nialler*

I went back to mine and Alex’s messages.

Me: No, I’m not.

Alex: Ok.

Me: Where do you live?

I suddenly regretted asking that, I don’t know her and I’m asking her where she lives. Why am I so stupid!?

Alex: New Jersey. You?

Me: England.

Alex: Cool. Okay, I gotta go!

She signed off quickly after saying that. I sighed as I closed my laptop. I wonder why she gets so much hate. I walked out of the room and into the living room where the other boys were.

“We’re about to go to the mall wanna come, Lou?” Zayn asked as he put his jacket on, I shook my head and got some milk. “Alright, well we’re leaving.”

I walked back to my room and laid on my bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Alex.


Well sorry for the late update, I had a busy week :) Hope you like it! I'll be posting another story soon! 4+ hearts for the next update :)

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