The Voice (L.T) -On Hold-

Alex is an amazing singer, she has a mean step mom and a step sister. What happens when something happens and she can't sing anymore? The only way to get her voice back is to get 3 words from her true love. How hard can it be?


6. Six


I woke up the next morning in my bed. I don’t remember falling asleep in my bed last night? Was it a dream? Was Zayn actually here? All these questions buzzing around my head. I sighed making my way to the mirror taking out all of the curlers, one by one perfect spirals fell out of my hands. Once I was done I smiled to myself. I walked over to my phone, and looked at my messages.

You fell asleep on me, so I moved you to your bed last night. Sorry for walking out but we had to go recording this morning, and I didn’t wanna wake you up. Text me when your up –Z  x

It clicked, that’s Zayn Malik. He’s in One Direction; which Carrie is gonna do a song with, possibly. She’s going to kill me if she finds out. I sighed, texting him telling him that I was up. I played some music as I got dressed, after a couple songs my favorite song came on ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons. I wish I could sing along. After I finished my makeup, I walked down to the lobby. I was gonna go site seeing before the ball.

Before I could make it out the door I heard someone shout my name. I turned around to see Zayn and 4 other guys. They made their way over to me; “What are you doing?” Zayn asked, I locked eyes with a guy with gorgeous blue eyes for a spilt second before pulling my phone out. I unlocked it quickly and tapped my notepad.

‘Going exploring.’

He nodded, and whispered something to the boys; “Can we go? I don’t really want you to be by yourself.” I nodded, “Okay, well I’ll introduce you to the guys.” Each one stepped up as he said their names; Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry were they’re names. Louis was the one I had locked eyes with, and he kept staring at me. “So, where do you want to go?” I heard a familiar voice interrupt my thoughts, I shrugged not knowing where anything was.

“Why can’t you talk?” I think Harry asked, I stared at the ground. I was about to grab my phone before Zayn said, “You can’t just ask someone why they can’t talk! That’s a little rude.” Harry gave me an apologetic look, “Why don’t we go to the mall!?” Niall suggested, I nodded in agreement; we made our way a couple blocks before we arrived at the mall.

The boys’ had to wear black hoodies and sunglasses so they wouldn’t be recognized. Zayn and I walked off as the boys’ looked at Claire’s, they were fangirling over themselves.  “Want something to eat?” He asked, I shook my head; we sat down in the cafeteria, he got me an iced coffee from McDonalds and him an ice cream. “I wish I could hear your voice.” He stated; I blushed. No one’s ever said that about me so it was kind of shocking.

“We have been look all over for you two!” A Irish accent yelled. I smiled, “Yeah, we left you guys because you were embarrassing us.” Zayn stated, Louis looked beyond pissed as Zayn put his arm around me. “Ready to go home?” He asked, I pulled my phone out and typed;

‘Yeah! I have to get ready for this stupid ball.’


So.. I promised I would update if I got 2 hearts tonight and I did! J I know it’s boring and all, but the next chapter will be amazing :D It's short I know :/

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