Niall's Secret

Niall and Blair have been friends for years. But one night at a club can change your entire life. Now Blair's expecting twins. Blair has a secret. What happens when Niall finds out?


3. Green eyes

Blair's POV

For the next six months Niall and I were closer than ever. We had brought Luke home, as the doctors thought he was stable.

Niall had taken a taxi to the train station, to visit an old friend in Wolverhampton to look for work.

We lived in Cheshire at the moment, as Ni wanted a break from Ireland.

One of his friends, Harry, 
is coming over to stay the week Niall is gone.

I was a bit nervous, as I had only met Harry once, and he was a year younger than I.

I heard crying coming from Elizabeth's room.

I ran in and picked her up.

I cradled her in my arms and moved her back and forth.

The doorbell rang and I opened it.

There he stood. Mr. Harry styles.

"Hello Love" he said giving me an awkward side hug.

"Hello Harry. Nice to see you again." Once again I heard a baby's cry from upstairs. I placed Elizabeth in Harry's arms and raced up the stairs.

I came back downstairs with tiny little Luke. He clutched onto my blouse with his tiny hands. He hasn't grown much since we brought him home. 

Elizabeth was apparently perfect in size and weight. But her brother was suffering.

I had to bring Luke to the hospital once a week for tests and medication.

Harry looked up at me as I entered the living room.  He chuckled.

"What?" I whisper -yelled to him.

"Nothing" he said still laughing.

"Tell me Styles."

"Okay, okay, it's just I've been here for two minutes and already we both have babies in our arms."

I laughed along with him. Luke started crying again.

"Let me hold him" I reluctantly handed him the crying baby. 

Immediately Luke stopped crying and opened his eyes for the first time in months.

His eyes were always closed, if not shut tight in pain. I had never had enough time to look at them. I had no idea what they would look like.

I peered over at him and discovered a huge problem.

Luke has green eyes. 

Niall has blue eyes, and I have brown.


"Does anyone on your side have green eyes?" Harry asked me.

I shook my head," no.
All brown, and sometimes some blue.

We had been desperately searching online for genetic mutation information, and calling mine and Niall's relatives.

"Ni won't pick up" I said and
Harry looked over at me.

"Call his mum" he said handing me a number.

I picked up the phone and carefully dialed the numbers.

After a few beeps I heard a voice.


"Hi, um, this is Blair Niall's girlfriend?"

I was worried about talking to Maura.  I don't know if she approved of me after what happened.

"Yes Blair. What do you need?"

Her voice was stern, but at least she remembered me.

"I was wondering about your family's genetics?"

I didn't hear a response, so I continued.

"Is there anybody on your side of the family that had green eyes?"

She paused, to think for a minute then responded.

"Honey, we have very Irish blood in our family. As long as I can remember, everyone has had blue eyes."

She called me honey. Good.

"Well thanks." I sighed

"Mrs. Horan-"

"Nonsense. Call me Maura."
She interrupted me.

"Alright. Well Maura,  about all of this. I am so sorry for everything"

"I don't blame you Blair. It was a childish thing to do yes, but I believe that everything happens for a reason."

"Thank you so much" I said starting to tear up.



"Send me a picture of my grand children?"

I smiled.

"Of course, would you like to know their names?"

" yes."

"Elizabeth Rose Horan and Luke James Cassidy"

I could tell she was crying.

"Why does Luke have your maiden name?"

"Cassidy is still my last name, Maura. Niall told me in the hospital that he was not sure we will stay together."

"What? Of course you will."

Harry looked at me and pointed to his watch. 

" I'm sorry Maura, I will explain everything later, but I have to go now. The picture is on it's way!"

"Thank you darling! Goodbye!"



After I hung up the phone and looked at Harry.

"What is so bloody important?"

He pointed to a picture on the mantel. It was of Niall, Celine, Cole, and I sophmoreyear.

"Who is this?"

"That's Cole. And that's his sister Celine. We were all great friends until Celine started hanging around with all of the bad boys in school"

He nodded, telling me to continue. 

" She went from wearing dresses, to tight pants and leather jackets. She started bullying me. Niall, Cole, and I continued to hang out together without Celine."

"Well, this Cole guy looks vaguely familiar . Got any other photos?"

I nodded and showed him to a close up of Cole and I from junior prom.

"Oh my god."

Harry and I looked at each other.

Cole had green eyes.

"Luke has his eyes. And Elizabeth's nose looks like his." Harry stated.

I nodded.

"That's strange. It's almost like they're his kids, and not Niall's. " 

I looked at him guiltily.

"Blair you didn't."

"I did" I choked out.

I started balling.

"We don't know for sure. We have to do tests before we can assume anything" Harry said. 

I nodded.

We called up Cole, and within an hour, Harry, Cole, Elizabeth, Luke, and I were headed to the lab facility.






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