Tora Moonshade

It was time for the Reaping in Distritc 12. Tora Moonshade, a 14 year old girl, entered 28 times for food for her family. Her life is diffrent from anybody else's in District 12. She was always getting in trouble with the Peacekepers. Unlike everyone else, who whould rather follow rules blindly, she fights aginst every law that the Capital makes. She didn't have much to lose. Her mother died, her father died, and her baby sister died when she was born. All she had left was, her 17 year old brother, Alen, and her grandfather. The day of Reaping is here, and will her luck run out, and will she be chosen?


1. The Reaping

A/N: This takes place two years before Katniss volunteers. Tora and Katniss at both 14, just to clear up any confusion.

This is my first hunger games fanfiction, so please comment! Thanks! ~Alex Firewood~

"Tora, wake up!" My brother pushed me out of my bed. I groaned.

"Ok, ok." I said, dragging myself out of bed. I went downstairs, and went outside. I walked to Katniss's house, and knocked on her door. Primrose answered.

"Hay Prim," I said. "Is your sister here?" Prim nodded. A few seconds later, Katniss appeared. We made our daily trip to forest outside the border. I stepped carefully, looking for animal prints.

"Let's check our traps" Katniss suggested. We made our way to our first trap. Sure enough, there was a rabbit stuck in the trap. After awhile, there was a trap with a rabbit, hanging from a tree. I frowned at it.

"Um, did we put this up?" I asked Katniss.

"I didn't, I suck at traps." Katniss replied.

"Yes, you do." I said. Katniss glared at me. I started to take it down.

"What are you doing?!" Katniss asked. I shrugged.

"First come, first serve. This person didn't come fast enough" I told her. I heard very faint footsteps behind me. I drew my bow back. I kinda suck with bows, but he doesnt know that. A guy about my age stepped out of the woods.

"I think you have my rabbit." He said.

"Oh well," I said "first come, first serve." I looked at Katniss "come on, back me up here Katniss.

"Well," Katniss said uncertainly. "It was his trap." I glared at her.

"Really?" I asked. "What's your name?" I asked uncertainly.

"Gale." He said with a smug smile.

"Fine." I growled I tossed him the rabbit. He smiled and tucked the rabbit into his belt. "Ok," I said, "even I have to admit that was a pretty good trap." Gale smiled.

"I guess I could show you some more of them." He said as we walked, we told each other about us. We picked up some of ours, and his. A little while later, I saw a movement of wings behind a bush. I nudged Katniss. She nodded. I found a round good sized pebble. I threw it into the bush, and a flock of birds flew out of the bush. Katniss drew her bow, and shoot 3 or 4 birds. I heard Gale whistle.

"Nice shooting Catnip."

"Catnip?" I asked.

"What?" Gale asked. "I thought that was her name. I laughed. We hunted together for awhile. By the end, we had 5 rabbits, 6 birds, and 3 squirrels. We split the bounty, and went our different ways. Gale went one way, but me and Katniss went to the Hob. I nudged her.

"You like him, don't you?" I said. Katniss blushed.

"Shut up." She said. She blushed even more and looked down. I teased her all the way to the Hob. I bought some bread, and went home.

"Tora, I set some clothes out for you on your bed." Alen called. I walked into my room. Well, me and Alen share a room, with a curtain separating our beds. The curtain was up right now, and I looked at the dress my brother, Alen picked out for me. I glared at him. "Really," I asked. Alen shrugged.

"They were the best I could find, Squeak." I glared at him. He always called me Squeak, even though I hated it. He called me Squeak, because when I was little, I always made a weird squeaking sound.

"That's the point," I sighed, "I don't want to wear my best. I look like a living doll." The dress was a vivid pink, with ruffles everywhere. I hated it. I would rather were a comfortable shirt and pants. I opened my closet, and found a worn green dress, that came up to my knees. I closed the curtains, washed up, put on the dress, and went downstairs. Alen came down right after me, and we walked to the place the reaping would take place. I winced when they pricked my finger, and I walked quickly to my place. I turned my head to see Alen nodding at me to stay calm. I took a deep breath, and Effie walked up. I almost hurled. Her dress was a hideous combination of pastel colors. She had her hair died vivid yellow, red, blue, and orange. Her dress was made of mostly ruffles, and she had lime green high heels. She had bright pink eyeliner and lipstick. I turned to look at Alen, and pretended to throw up. He smiled.

"Welcome, welcome!" She said in the abnormally high and cheery voice. "Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor." I sighed. Effie talked about the war and how the Hunger Games came to be, but I wasn't paying attention. I never do. "Ladies first!" She said and walked over to the bowl. She pulled out a slip of paper and walked back to the podium. Time seemed to slow down, my heart was trying to leap out of my chest, and I could barely breath. This always happens. I looked at Alen, for assurance, and Alen nodded.

"Tora Moonshade!" Effie called.

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