Lost In A Blizzard

Two guys are searching for buried treasure, when a blizzard sets in hard. The two brothers get separated by the storm. It is up to James to save his brother Jason, before it is to late. Can James find his brother before he himself, freezes to death?


4. The Wolves

As he struggled to escape from beneath the Yeti he heard a distant howling. The howl was accompanied by other howls. James looked up into the face of a wolf. The wolf growled viciously as it licked it’s lips. The smell of blood turning the wolves wild as they were starving.  The wolf sunk it’s teeth into James arm, shaking it savagely. James cried out as he tried to pull his other arm out from under the Yeti, that held the gun. When James other arm was finally free, James used his last bullet to shoot the wolf in the face. As the wolf fell lifelessly onto the snowy ground, other wolves whimpered, and growled with rage in the distance. He finally managed to escape from under the Yeti, and now stood ready to fight the other wolves. He threw his gun upon the ground, now useless with no bullets. He then yelled madly as he got out a sharp knife “come on then! I havn’t got all day!” Several wolves ran towards James, their teeth on show. James began to fight off all the wolves, using just one knife. He got bit, and scratched loads of times, but eventually after a few deaths, the rest of the wolves ran off in fear.

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