Lost In A Blizzard

Two guys are searching for buried treasure, when a blizzard sets in hard. The two brothers get separated by the storm. It is up to James to save his brother Jason, before it is to late. Can James find his brother before he himself, freezes to death?


2. The Treasure Hunt Begins

“I can’t believe we won this treasure map over a game of naked twister” James said with excitement.
“Yeah I know right! It’s amazing how a scrumpled up bit of paper will make us filthy rich!” Jerry said with a cheeky grin.
“So where is the treasure located?” Jerry asked with interest. James looked carefully at the map in his hands. “Apparently it is just beyond this ridge”. James pointed in the direction the map showed them to go. They both began to walk in the deep snow, trudging along in the cold night air. The snow began to fall pretty hard, as the wind picked up. A bad blizzard set in making the road ahead hard to see.
“Were lost arn’t we!” Jerry shouted over the loud sound of the wind rushing past their ears. James yelled as loud as he could “I don’t know! I can’t see the map anymore!” Jerry shouted crossly “I can’t see two inches in front of me!” James shouted out “stay close to me, we could get separated! We need to find a place to shelter for the night! It’s getting colder!” James waited a while for a reply from his brother, but nothing came back. “Jerry?! Are you there?!” Once again no reply. James began to cry out his brothers name in desperation, but all that came back was the howl of the uncontrollable wind. As it got colder, all James could think about was finding his brother, and finding shelter before they both freeze to death.

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