Lost In A Blizzard

Two guys are searching for buried treasure, when a blizzard sets in hard. The two brothers get separated by the storm. It is up to James to save his brother Jason, before it is to late. Can James find his brother before he himself, freezes to death?


5. The Old Man In The Cabin

James was bleeding quite badly in some places so he ripped parts of his clothing to bandage up his wounds in order to stop the bleeding. He began to walk on in search for his brother. The weather just got worse as he strode on. It was so cold that he began to have halusinations of people in the distance, and lights he should follow. Eventually he fell to the ground shivering uncontrollably. He said weakly “Jerry”. Then he passed out as the snow began to cover him up. He later on woke up in an old cabin. An old man with a really long white beard was tending to his wounds. As the old man stitched up James arm James said with shock “my brother is still out there!” The old man said calmly “be still, or you will mess up my stich work”. James shouted crossly “but he could die!” The old man sighed and spoke clearly “once I have tended to this wound you can dress up warm, and head out in search for your brother on one of my reindeer”. James said with a sigh of relief “oh thank you! If it wern’t for you I could be dead under a pile of snow right now”. 011was born yesturday? I checked your pockets”. James said crossly “my privacy!” The old man said “The treasure was taken years ago you know”. James sniggered and said “don’t be ridiculous”, The old man sid “that treasure map is dated many years ago, and I even have the newspaper article to prove it”. The old man got up and showed James the newspaper article. James sighed and said “so my brother could be dead out there for nothing”. The old man put his hand on James shoulder and said “have faith”.

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