Lost In A Blizzard

Two guys are searching for buried treasure, when a blizzard sets in hard. The two brothers get separated by the storm. It is up to James to save his brother Jason, before it is to late. Can James find his brother before he himself, freezes to death?


6. The Final Search

The old man gave James some warm clothes to wear, and showed him the reindeer in the stables outside. James got onto the strongest reindeer and headed back out into the blizzard in search for his brother once more. He called out for his brother as loud as he could in the raging snow storm. He saw something black spread out in the snow in the distance. He headed towards it calling out his brothers name in the hope it was him he could see. As James got closer he realized it was his brother sprawled lifelessly on the snowy ground. James jumped down from the reindeer, and bent down to see if his brother was still alive. “Jerry are you ok?” James said hopefully. Jerry groaned in pain as James held him in his arms. James took off one of his warm layers, and wrapped the coat around his brother. He lifted Jerry onto the back of the Reindeer, and led the reindeer back to the old cabin. As Jerry saw the light of the old cabin in the distance he just knew they were both going to be ok. They may not become rich like they had wanted. But at least they would still have each other.

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