Lost In A Blizzard

Two guys are searching for buried treasure, when a blizzard sets in hard. The two brothers get separated by the storm. It is up to James to save his brother Jason, before it is to late. Can James find his brother before he himself, freezes to death?


3. The Big Hairy Creature

James stuffed the treasure map in his pocket and began walking around, calling out for his brother every known again. The blizzard was only getting worse when he came across a tall shadow in the distance. He called out his brothers name thinking he had found him. As James edged closer, battling the wind hitting him hard in the face, he noticed the figure was white and hairy. James looked shocked as the large man-like creature began to run towards him with a blood-curdling cry. It was a yeti. It was a lot taller than James, and was in a rage. Before James could get his gun out to shoot the Yeti it grabbed him and threw him high in the air, so he came down with a thud on the hard ground. James gasped for air as he thudded down on his stomach. The Yeti walked slowly towards him with an angry grunt. As the Yeti raised it’s foot to crush James head, James managed to grab his gun from his pocket, and shoot the Yeti in the face. The Yeti wobbled uneasily, and then collapsed on top of James. James desperately struggle to get out from underneath the heavy Yeti.

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