Fatal Decadent (Very Old)

My Catching Fire Competition entry. Please enjoy! :)
- This was created years ago so please don't judge my bad writing. I actually got bronze in the Movellas Hunger Games writing competition for this a few years back though!


1. 1

The syrupy laughter bubbled in my ears, as blurs of bright colours overtook my vision. My eyes fluttered down to the ground, trying to avoid the madness I was surrounded in. My face twisted in unease as Damianos dragged me along, causing me to stumble a bit. My fears have came true. Damianos finally forced me to come to one of the fancy parties, celebrating the Quarter Quell. Parties may not be my cup of tea, but really, the whole Capitol to me is a communist mess. Ah, the words I learn from sneaking history books illegally out of their tombs. My favourite word was America. It just rolled off your tongue, more so than Panem. I longed to be a woman of the past, and instead I'm stuck in hell. 

My body slammed into a older man, with tacky blue hair. He turned and grinned pervertedly, showing off his gold tooth with diamonds on it. So unrealistic. His wrinkled hand reached out towards my breast.

"Get away from me!" I screamed rudely. Peoples eyes tore away from their conversations and stared into me, watching me. I pushed the mans hand away. 

"Solace." Damianos's cold lips brushed my earlobe. I could feel his light, even breath on my neck. "Behave your little ass." I whipped around, my silk, magenta dress tumbling awkwardly around. I stared at everyone. I studied their glowering faces, their disgusted looks. 

"Glare at him,not me!" I stuck my finger in front of the blue haired idiot. Murmuring arose from the crowd as I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

"What?" I spat. A valet stood calmly. He was obviously annoyed, his mouth forming a thin line.

"You will be escorted out of this party." The violins and music stopped, and the room breathed quietly in sync, waiting for my response. Fine. I never wanted to go to this hell hole anyways. I stomped out, fuming. The awful parties, the cruel people who live here, it's awful. Years before, I tried running away to the nearest district, but my parents caught me then promptly sold me off to Damianos, a cold man who had no intention of marrying me for love, just money. I skipped through the streets, relieved to have fresh air. The sharply glowing streetlights illuminated the way home, as I nimbly made a run for it. What I needed was to see myself. To see, feel, smell, and touch me, to see myself, not the dressed up woman I am right now.

I stared into the mirror. My makeup was a bit off, caked cracks covered my chin. My mascara clumped to the false eyelashes, making a sticky mess. My hair curled upwards, artificially, crunchy from gel and the temporary hair dye. I pulled off my eyelashes, washed of my makeup,then I ripped off my dress and threw onto the ground. I carefully stepped into the shower and rinsed my hair, leaving a steady stream of liquid teal hair dye swirl down the drain. Little by little, the woman Solace Auberdine started to show. I rubbed my body spotless under the overly fancy shower hose. I climbed out, and smiled in relief at the image in the mirror. My large brown eyes stared at my silky chestnut hair, my flawless skin looked tight and fresh. I threw on my fitted linen nightgown, and slithered into bed. 

"Solace. Solace. Solace." I murmured my name over and over. I will always know who I am. Always. I heard the door open. Some shuffling feet. Voices. My eyes flew open to be greeted by Damianos's alabaster face.

"The consequences are starting for your...mistakes.I warned you many times. You ran out of time, baby doll." His enunciation was hard and cold sounding. My eyes widened. My spouse's face lit up in a greedy manner. He was going to destroy me, break me. A sharp twinge at my neck sent a wave of drowsiness out. 

"Good bye." 


My eyes fluttered open. Capitol women, dressed as prostitutes and companions, giggled around me, and looked interested at me. A man stood in front of them. That snow white beard. The fluffy hair. The President. My arms tried to flail wildly, but the straps held my arm to tight. 

"Ah, Solace Titanius." My eyes narrowed at President Snow. Why would Damianos have me in audience with Snow, and strapped down no less?

"Actually, Solace Auberdine. I use my own name, not Damianos's last name." I replied coldly. his eyes flicked like a snake around me, studying my moves. The putrid stench of roses wafted around me, causing me to breathe from my mouth. 

"Well, Damianos is in your past now." Snow smiled mischievously. "Someone else has now replaced your selfish, useless body." He walked around slowly, shattering the silence with the tap of his shoes. I watched curiously as he leaned in to murmur into my ear.

"Have no fear. I shall make you useful. I will use your body to become a princess of Panem. I will make you the star of the show. The queen." I shuddered as his uneven breath crawled down my neck.

He walked towards the door, his hands behind his back. Abruptly, he turned around.

"You shall be remade.Renamed. We shall change your appearance completely, and rebuild your body. You will become the star of the Hunger Games, the most beautiful young woman in the world." He turned to the women behind him. 

"My darlings, please say hello," He faced me again. "To our beautiful new...Effie Trinket."

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