You make me strong

Savannah has the perfect life and the perfect family. They may not be rich but they've got each other. There's this bad boy at her school that always tries to pull stuff on all the girls. Little does she know that when she becomes one of the girls she ends up meeting happiness, love, and lastly heartbreak.

Dedicated to my BFF Savannah!! Go check her out! Savannah_<31D


2. Class

Savannah's P.O.V.

"SHIT!!! I'm gonna be late for school!!" I frantically ran around my room suddenly feeling the pain he caused me from last night. I sat down and didn't even know what to do. "BUZZZ" I had a text from hallie, "hey babe!! You almost ready? I'll be there soon to pick you up!!:P" I texted back saying, "yup and I'll see you when you get here!!:)"

I threw on black leggings, a royal blue jumper, and a pair of black doc martins on. I put my wavy brown hair in a bun. You could see my turquoise dip dyed ends sticking out. I put on some mascara and lipgloss then grabbed my bag and ran out the door. "Bye mom and dad!! By Lexi! Bye maya!"Lexi is my baby sister and she's only 13, we have a 5 year age difference. Maya is 10 and we are 7 years apart. She's almost 11. Jack, my older brother is 20 and he moved out already. He's in college now. I'm 18 now and I'm in grade 12. I want to be a photographer so I take classes every Monday and Thursday. I jumped in Hallie's car, "let's go beefier we miss our class!!" "Hey hey there no goodmor-" I cut her off when my favorite song came on the radio, "OMFG ITS FN ONE DIRECTION!!" I screamed that as 'through the dark' came on and we passed the populars at our school. They scoffed and we kept going. "At least we don't walk to school!" Man they irritate me!!

"Mmkay so I have math with mr. Kallish for first class and then I have drama then English then I have my photography classes the rest of the day. You?" I said getting out of the car. "I have English then drama then photography classes, I don't have math today, thank goodness." We started to walk into school. "See you at lunch!" Hallie yelled over to me as we went our separate ways to class.

I walked into mr. Kallish's class and sat down in the middle away from everyone else either in the back or front. My only real friend is Hallie. I mean, we may not be rich like everyone else but it doesn't matter. We are like sisters and would never hurt each other. I was never bullied in school but I never really had many friends either. Marcy and Sadie both moved away from our school in 10th and 11th grade. We were inseparable, us four. Hallie, Sadie, Marcy, and I always used to hang out and talk about anything and everything. We had so much fun together. Marcy is still trying to pursue her acting career and Sadie still wants to be a nurse. I'll never forget them!

Mr. Kallish started talking about basic math and soon class was over. I walked out of class and saw Hallie we immediately ran to each other. "Hey Hal!" "Hey vannah! So I was wondering if you wanted to come over later and we could go to the mall?!?" She asked. "OMG yes! Can't wait! I gotta head to class now see ya later!" I was on my to drama, I really don't mind drama, it was my backup plan so I was okay with going.

*Skip Drama and English Classes*

I walked out of English and made my way to the canteen and found Hal. "Hey gurl!" I said nudging her with my shoulder. "Heyyy!!" She was always so happy, she always made me smile. We chatted and ate our lunch. I couldn't wit till tonight! We would have so much fun! We walked to photography classes together. We pretty much just learned how to find the best lighting and little tips and tricks. I grabbed my bag and made my way out of school with Hallie. We were walking to her car when I saw him. The face I couldn't get out of my head. The beautiful face from the night before.

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