Geek. (Marcel/Harry FF)

Geek. Dork. Nerd. These are names you would use to describe Victoria Matthews. She has always just hidden in the background and went with the flow.

Now that it's Tori's senior year, she's just happy to be finishing school. But what happens when two new students join her senior classes? Will it be a turn for the better, or worse? More importantly, will she survive her senior year?


1. Chapter 1

Ding, ding. 

I heard the bells go off above me as I stepped through the door of the cafe. Today was my first day back to school and I guess you could say I wanted to start it off right. I stepped onto the fairly short line and pulled out my phone to check the time. 

7:15. Lovely. I have only 15 minutes left to get to the school on time. 

As soon as I got my order of coffee, I quickly left the cafe and hopped into my car. I sped off to the school, careful not to pass the speed limit. 

I reached the school in record time, grabbed my bag and coffee, and rushed into my first period class. The bell went off as soon as I sat down. I let out a sigh of relief. I looked around at my class for this year. I had some of these people in my classes last year, but it's not like they'd remember me. I'm the geek, the one always in the background. I'm almost completely sure that no one notice me rush into the room because of how caught up they were with their own lives.

My head snapped up with the sound of someone placing their books on the desk next to mine. I looked over at the person who dared to sit next to a nerd like me.

To my surprise, it was another geek. He looked like me in a way with his big glasses and out of style clothes, but he still managed to look handsome with his slick-backed brown hair and piercing green eyes hidden by his glasses. 

"Hi." I managed to squeak out. 

"H-hey." He stuttered as he glanced at me and turned back to his notebook. 

"Are you new here?" I asked, considering I don't remember ever seeing him around in the hallways. 

"Y-yeah. I am, actually." He quietly said to me, as if he was feeling slightly interrogated. 

"Maybe I could show you around. To your classes, maybe?" I offered. 

"That'd be n-nice." He said to me as he turned to me with a warm smile. 

"My name's Victoria. Feel free to call me Tori." I said with a giggle while sticking out my hand for him to shake. 

"Marcel. Marcel Styles. It's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled while shaking my hand. 

Our conversation was cut short at the sound of the teacher's voice. 

"Hello class. I hope you all have had a good summer. Now my name is Mr. Grimwitt and before we start I would like to-." Mr. Grimwitt was cut off by the sound of the door being opened and slammed shut. In walked a handsome guy who had a bad-boy vibe as he walked in. 

"Mister Styles, how nice of you to join us." Mr. Grimwitt said with an annoyed tone of voice.

The boy just smirked as he stalked off to find a seat. His eyes skimmed the desks and the people sitting in them. I slouched down, as if to not be noticed. But to my dismay, his eyes landed on me as he smirked, again. His expression quickly changed as his eyes landed on Marcel. He glared at him and I noticed Marcel look down at his lap and slouch slightly.

The boy marched over and sat in the desk next to me that was on the opposite side of Marcel.

"Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Styles." He whispered to me as Mr. Grimwitt droned on about starting the new school year right.

"I'm Vict-." I stopped my sentence short and slowly turned my head to meet his eyes.

Styles. Marcel's last name. I glanced quickly between both boys on my left and right repeatedly.

Harry just chuckled while Marcel didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah, we're brothers. Twins, actually." Harry stated with a chuckle.

"Woah, nice." I said with a simple smile. I turned away from him so that I could start paying attention to what Mr. Grimwitt was saying for once.

At the end of class, Marcel was the first to leave. I quickly packed up my stuff and chased him down the hallway, despite the calls and protests of Harry behind me.

"Marcel! Marcel, wait up!" I called down the crowded hallway.

He turned around, looking surprised as though he had never expected someone to be calling his name.

"Marcel, hey. I thought I was going to show you around to your classes?" I asked, slightly panting.

"Y-yeah, but I thought that you'd be to engrossed in Harry considering he gets every girl." He said blushing slightly. I giggled.

"No, silly. We're friends now, not me and Harry. Now let's go find your next class!" I said excitedly, hooking my arm with his as we sped down the hallway.


A/N: Hey guys! So I'm kinda new, sorta? Anyway, I hope you guys like the first chapter! xx

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