-The School Project-

I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles. Also, known as Harry Styles' twin sister. Who was voted 2nd hottest guy in school... 1st, Louis Tomlinson... Whom I despise... Which of course has to be my brothers one and only, best friend. Whom is over a lot! Which is my luck! Oh, and thats not all! My amazing luck continues! I get stuck on a school project with him, so I can learn to 'not hate him'. Yeah, like that will happen... Guess what I have to do? Stay at his house for a whole week! Aren't you jealous of my awesome, incredible, fantastic luck?
*Boys are not famous in this story*
*Boys are younger in this story, as in senior year...*


1. -Introduction-

Heyo Peps! I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles... So, this is me (girl on cover.) My twin is Harry Styles... We don't look like 'Omg you two look identical!' But, we have similarities... Like, we both have brown, curly hair, and green eyes... But, my hair is a little darker, and my eyes are kinda weird... The have a design to them, as you can see in the picture of me... People tell me that, 'they're  beautiful, and mysterious...' I'm also shorter than Harry. I'm 5'3... I forgot how tall he is... I just know he is taller... Harry is a fantastic brother.... He is older by me by 10 minutes though.... The only problem with him is, his best friend, Louis, he is such a perv, and bugs the heck out of me! Anyways, Harry and I, have an older sister, Gemma, but, she is off to college in America, in New York. So, we hardly ever see her, but, me and her never got close, nor, did her and Harry. It was me and Harry who were the closest, being twins and all... So, of course, naturally we are close... Being in the same situation and all... My favorite color is purple... Harry's and my personalities are a little different, but, we both LOVE and I mean LOVE cats! My best friends are, Emma Gulley, Peter Link, and Ellie Flawless. Yeah, her last name is Flawless, and she is LITERALLY flawless! Ellie and I are the closest. I have other friends too, just not as close to me, as Ellie, Peter, and Emma are... Well, that's me!  

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