-The School Project-

I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles. Also, known as Harry Styles' twin sister. Who was voted 2nd hottest guy in school... 1st, Louis Tomlinson... Whom I despise... Which of course has to be my brothers one and only, best friend. Whom is over a lot! Which is my luck! Oh, and thats not all! My amazing luck continues! I get stuck on a school project with him, so I can learn to 'not hate him'. Yeah, like that will happen... Guess what I have to do? Stay at his house for a whole week! Aren't you jealous of my awesome, incredible, fantastic luck?
*Boys are not famous in this story*
*Boys are younger in this story, as in senior year...*


7. Chapter 3 -A different side of Louis-

The rest of the day slowly dragged... Soon it was time to go... Oh boy... Louis was out waiting for me at his car, talking to Harry, who was parked beside him. Harry saw me, and ran over to me giving me a big hug. "Kay! I'm going to mis you! Call me anytime, and I will come over!" He said. I hugged back. "Don't let him touch you... If he tries call me, and I will kill him." Harry whispered. I nodded. Why is Harry even friends with Louis? "C'mon sexy... We're going to your place first, so you can get some clothes." Louis said. Harry glared at him, and I went into the passenger side of Louis' car.

-Skip car ride-

I ran up to my room, and slowly packed my things. This is going to be a long week. I walked down the stairs, where my mum, and Harry were. I gave them both long hugs. "Bye sweetie, I will miss you." My mum said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "I love you sis. I will come anytime you need me!" Harry said, also kissing my cheek. I slowly dragged my feet back to Louis.

-Louis' P.O.V.-

I really wasn't a bad guy. That's just how Kayla sees me. Which, I guess she has a reason, but, I have to keep a good reputation. Truthfully, the very first second I saw her, I've loved her... Which was in 5th grade... I've never had the guts to tell her... Also, knowing she's going to reject me... I can be such an idiot sometimes! Kay came out looking afraid. She put her things in the trunk, and sat in the passenger seat. "You okay?" I asked. She just ignored me. I started the engine, and started to drive. 

-Skip car ride-

I grabbed Kayla's bags, and went to her room for the week, her following. I sat her bags down. "Here you are." I said, smiling sweetly. "What's wrong with you?" Kay asked confused. "What?" I asked. "You're being nice why?" Kay asked. "I'm not a bad guy..." I said. Kayla chuckled. "Yeah. Right." She said sarcastically. "I'm not! I do that to have a bad boy reputation in school. It keeps me from being bullied!" I said truthfully. "Why, Are you still horrible to me, when you are at the house with just me and Harry." She asked. "Harry isn't exactly like he is at home, at school you know, do you even pay attention to him at school?" I asked. She shook her head no. "You remember Austin right?" I asked her. She nodded. "Yeah, he came over once, he was really nice, usually all Harry's friends ignore me, except you... Who is a total jerk... But, Austin did, but, he was sweet. Then, the next day, Harry said he wasn't friends with him anymore..." Kayla said. "Yeah, because, we have a thing in our 'bad boy gang' where if one of us is really nice, and we see, we have to tell... It's stupid... But, Harry told, and he got kicked out... Harry hates how I'm so horrible to you, but, that's the only way I can stay leader in the group..." I said. This whole group thing was stupid I hated it. "If you're the leader of the group... Then, why don't you change the rules?" Kayla asked. "I can't... It's complicated..." I sighed. "I never knew Harry was such a jerk... And, why would you get bullied... Only ugly guys do... If popular girls think a guy is hot. They don't get bullied. And, you sir are hot. Um... Not that I-I think you're hot... But, um a lot of girls do..." She said nervously. I chuckled. "So now that we have everything settled... Wanna watch a flick?" I asked. "Okay... What flick?" She asked. "Grease?" I asked. She nodded. I LOVE Grease!

-Kayla's P.O.V.-

This is a different side of Louis than I'm use to. I like it... 

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