-The School Project-

I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles. Also, known as Harry Styles' twin sister. Who was voted 2nd hottest guy in school... 1st, Louis Tomlinson... Whom I despise... Which of course has to be my brothers one and only, best friend. Whom is over a lot! Which is my luck! Oh, and thats not all! My amazing luck continues! I get stuck on a school project with him, so I can learn to 'not hate him'. Yeah, like that will happen... Guess what I have to do? Stay at his house for a whole week! Aren't you jealous of my awesome, incredible, fantastic luck?
*Boys are not famous in this story*
*Boys are younger in this story, as in senior year...*


3. Chapter 2- The Project-

*The Next Day*

"Kay. Kay. Kay. It's the very next day. Another words for MON-DAY. So....... WAKE UUUUP! MY DEAR KAY! WAKE YOUR SKINNY BOOTY UP NOWWWWW!!!!" Harry yelled. I don't need an alarm clock. He is mine as you can see. I threw a pillow at him, like I do every morning. School today. Ugh. I dragged my feet to the bathroom, and took a shower, and shaved. I then, blow dried my hair. I brushed my teeth, and put on deodorant. I brushed my natural curls. I then, put on some mascara, and lipgloss. Afterwards, I put on my clothes I picked out. It is a cute Greenish blue, mid-sleeved, button up, shirt. With some white short-shorts, with a brown belt. Along with some wedges, a brown purse, sunglasses, and a gold bracelet, with greenish blue beads. I then, put on some perfume, and walked down stairs. Harry, was already there eating. I sat down to my plate. It was scrammbled eggs, and bacon, with coffee. I grabbed my fork and bite into my eggs.

*Skip breakfast*

I got up, and put my plate into the sink. "Hurry up Kay!" Harry yelled. "I'm coming!" I yelled. I grabbed my books, and went over to Harry. He went outside, and to the car, with me right behind. 

*Skip car ride.*

Harry and I, walked in school. "Bye Kay. Be safe." Harry said, hugging me, and leaving to his locker. I walked to my locker, and Em (Emma), El (Ellie), and Peter were there waiting for us. "Hey Kay." They all said in sync. "Hey." I replied. I grabbed my book for my advanced math class. I'm not a nerd, just good at math. I also have an A in all my classes. Still I'm not considered a nerd. It's how I act that matters. Math is my only advanced class, though... 

*Skip 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods.*

I grabbed my book for science. My friend, Arica walked with me, she had it too. We were friends, just not that close. This class, I unfortunately have Louis. Arica and I, sat down as far as Louis as we could find, she knew I hated Louis. The tardy bell rung, and Mr. Jeff walked in. Mr. Jeff is my teacher. This is only his 3rd year teaching. He is still in his 20's and, he is HOT. "Hello class. We are going to do a special project this week, this is going to be a brand new thing I am trying. I have promissison from the school board, and your parents. This is a project where 2 of you will be put in a small group, and one of you will have to stay at the other person's house. This is to help some of you get along, or form a friendship, first I will pair up people, that I have seen have some tension, next people who never speak, and don't know each other, finally I will just pair up who is left." Mr. Jeff said. What? How does this have to do with school? Everyone started at him in shock. "Lets see... Kayla and...." Oh please no no please no. "Louis." Mr. Jeff finished. You've got to be kidding me. "Spencer, and Jordan." Mr Jeff said. Mr. Jeff said everyone else, but I ignored I was too worried about being Louis' partner. Louis just kept staring at me and smirking.   

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