-The School Project-

I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles. Also, known as Harry Styles' twin sister. Who was voted 2nd hottest guy in school... 1st, Louis Tomlinson... Whom I despise... Which of course has to be my brothers one and only, best friend. Whom is over a lot! Which is my luck! Oh, and thats not all! My amazing luck continues! I get stuck on a school project with him, so I can learn to 'not hate him'. Yeah, like that will happen... Guess what I have to do? Stay at his house for a whole week! Aren't you jealous of my awesome, incredible, fantastic luck?
*Boys are not famous in this story*
*Boys are younger in this story, as in senior year...*


2. Chapter 1 -Closet Organizing-

-Kayla's P.O.V.-

I woke to Harry yelling at me, "Kaylaaaaaaa! Get uppppppppp!!!" I threw a pillow at his face. "Harryyyy? Why?" I questioned. "No reason... I just wanted to..." He said, smiling cheekily. "I hate you." I said. He laughed. "Oh. Louis coming over in an hour." Harry said, while walking out of my room. Ugh. I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, shaved, put on makeup, etc. You know, morning routine stuff... I went downstairs to the living room, and onto the couch. By then, it was an hour later. Oh boy, Louis will be here soon. I just try to ignore him, best as I can... I heard the doorbell. "I'll get it!" Yelled Harry. I listened. "Hey mate!" Louis said. "Hey!" Harry said. "Is Kayla here?" Louis asked. "Yeah." Harry answered. "Cool. Where is she?" Louis asked. "Living room. Hey Lou you better not touch her. Alright, she is my sister, and I need to protect her..." I heard Harry say. Aww. "Whatever. You can't protect her forever... She can make her own decisions." Louis said and laughed. Ugh. What a jerk! Louis walked in smirking. "Hey babe." He said plopping down next to me. "I'm not your babe." I spat. "Yeah. She's not you babe." Harry said looking angry. Louis laughed. "I'm going upstairs." I said getting up, and going upstairs to my room. I grabbed 'The Hunger Games.' And watched it. I love that movie! Like, 40 minutes into the movie, I got a call from Ellie. I paused the movie and answered. "Hey." She said. "Hi." I said. "So... I decided to look through my closet, to find things to donate, you know things I don't really wear anymore, so I had so much fun, I decided, since I know how messy your closet is, we could go through things to keep, and give away, and make your closet neat!" She said. I giggled. I guess I could use some organizing... "Okay." I said. "K... I'll be there in 10 minutes..." She said. "K." I said. I resumed the movie. 9 minutes later, I paused the movie, and went back downstairs, to wait for her. "Hey." Harry said. "Hi." I said. Louis just looked up and down my body, smirking. Oh Gosh. The doorbell rang. I ran to the door, and opened it. "Hey girlie." I said. "Hey weirdo." She said. We ran up to my room, passing and ignoring, any comments Louis might've said. "Okay. Lets get started." Ellie said happily. "Not so fast chicka. We're finishing my movie, and we're finishing it now!" I said. She giggled. "Fine. Let me guess Hunger Games?" She asked. "Yup." I said happily. We finished the movie. "Now! Lets get started!" Ellie said rubbing her hands together. We pulled out all, my clothes from my closet. "Why so much floral?" El asked looking over my clothes. "I went through a floral stage last year, get rid of all them, ooh expect that one." I said pointing to one of the floral dresses. "Good choice." She said. I nodded. "Since when were you into sports?" El asked. I giggled. "I wasn't. Harry bought me those clothes... Donate them." I said. Ellie nodded. It took us 2 hours going through the clothes, and 3 to arrange my closet. El was right it was fun! "That was fun! I want to do it again!" I said. "Me too. Lets call Emma, and fix her closet!" Ellie said.

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