-The School Project-

I'm Kayla, Kayla Styles. Also, known as Harry Styles' twin sister. Who was voted 2nd hottest guy in school... 1st, Louis Tomlinson... Whom I despise... Which of course has to be my brothers one and only, best friend. Whom is over a lot! Which is my luck! Oh, and thats not all! My amazing luck continues! I get stuck on a school project with him, so I can learn to 'not hate him'. Yeah, like that will happen... Guess what I have to do? Stay at his house for a whole week! Aren't you jealous of my awesome, incredible, fantastic luck?
*Boys are not famous in this story*
*Boys are younger in this story, as in senior year...*


6. Author's Note -IMPORTANT-

-Author's Note-

Okay... Well... If any of you have read the movella 'Homework', you may think I am trying to copy off it. I am NOT! I just realized, they are kinda similar, considering, the girl's name, is Kayla, it is a Louis fanfic. They both have to go to Louis' for school... So yeah... I promise it will NOT be like 'Homework', and I did not steal it! Thank you! I love you!


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