Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


2. Chapter Two

When we go to her house we got out the car and I got my bags out of the boot with Jordans help then she locked her car and we walked up to her house, then she unlocked the door and we walked inside, I put my stuff down and checked my phone, "They'll be here in 5mins" I said smiling and looking at Jordan and putting my phone back in my pocket, "Oh yaaaaay" she squealed, "Yeaaaaah I'm just gonna go to the bathroom" I said and went upstairs to the bathroom, then a few seconds later I heard Jordan scream, probably a spider or something, yuck!, "CHRIS, COME HERE QUICK" Jordan screamed, "If its a spider or something I'm staying up here" I yelled from the bathroom and I heard laughing, so I went downstairs and to my surprise I saw One Direction sitting in the lounge room talking Jordan, "OH MY GOD" I yelled out looking at the boys, then I did a 'whoops' face and smiling innocently while there were laughing, I went and sat on the lounge next to Jordan, "Hi" said all the guys smiling, "Hi my name is Christina but you can call me Chris" I said smiling, "Ok" they said, "So is anyone hungry" Jordan said looking at the guys, "Meeeeeeeeeeeee" Niall yelled jumping out of his seat, "I swear if that was even louder where're gonna have an earthquake" I said shocked and all the guys laughed, "Yeah he's always hungry" said Liam shaking his head and laughing, "Yeah, he could eat 10 cows and still be hungry" said Louis laughing and then we all laughed, "Well I'll go make something" said Jordan standing up from her seat and walking to the kitchen, "Oh, I'll come help you love" said Niall following her, "Ok thanks" she said and looked at me, then I winked at her and she turned red, they walked to the kitchen and started making something, "He'll probably eat the food before it gets to the table" Louis said laughing and we all joined in, "Very funny Louis" said Niall from the kitchen and we all started laughing again, "Hey Jordan dont have too much fun" I said laughing and the guys started laughing too, "Shut up Chris" said Jordan laughing, "I think Niall has a little crush on someone" said Louis laughing and we all joined in, "Shut up Louis" said Niall as him and Jordan came back with a plate of sandwiches and sat down then we started eating and Niall went red, "Huh, Jordan" I said smiling and eating while wiggling my eyebrows and the guys laughed while they were eating, "Shut up Chris, before I mention something" she said smiling and winking, she's probably gonna say that I like Harry, "Ok, ok fine" I said putting my hands up in defence, "What was she gonna say" said Louis confused, "Oh nothing she's just saying that" I said smiling innocently at them, "Hmm sure" he said wiggling his eyebrows, but he got the point of what Jordan was talking about, "No really" I said trying to make him forget it, "Sure, sure" he said smiling and winking, I opened my mouth to say something but then I didnt, then he chuckled.

When we finished eating Jordan put the plate in the sink and came back, "I'm just gonna get my bags from my room" she said and ran upstairs, while me and the guys were just talking, then she came back downstairs and we walked to the door where my bags were and I picked them up, we walked out the door and Jordan locked it, then we got on the tour bus and my god it was huge, then the bus started driving off, "OMG, its huge" I said shocked and looking around, "I know" said Louis smiling, I turned around to look at Jordan and her mouth was open in shock, "OMG" she said looking around the bus, "You can say that again" I said shocked and all the guys laughed at our expressons on our faces, "So where are we gonna sleep" said Jordan looking at the guys but mostly Niall, I just laughed and he went red because she didnt stop looking at him, "Hey Jordan" I said clicking my fingers in front of her face but she still didnt move, "Heeeeello" I said now waving my hand in front of her face and the guys smirked at Niall and he blushed, "Huh what" she said then realising that me and the guys were watching her and she blushed, "Finally" I said laughing, then the guys laughed too, "Yeah so where are we gonna sleep" Jordan said politely, yeah nice save Jordan, "Oh, just go straight and then to the right" said Louis smiling, "Ok thanks" I said smiling, then me and Jordan started doing a catwalk to the room and the guys laughed at us, then we started to unpack some stuff.

When we were done we went in the lounge room and sat down, "So how old are you girls" said Liam smiling at us, "Well we're 18" said Jordan smiling back politely, I nodded and smiled proudly, "Do you have any brothers or sisters" Niall said smiling at us, "No I'm a single child" Jordan said proudly, "I have two older brothers called James and Conner" I said smiling, "How old are they" said Liam, "James is 24 and Conner is 22" I said, "Whoa" the guys said together, "What they're not that old, well only James is" I said laughing and they all joined in, "I didnt say anything" I said again laughing and they laughed harder, then we calmed down a bit, "So where are we going" Jordan said obviously not knowing where we're going, "Oh, we're going to a hotel and staying there for 2 weeks" said Liam, and the guys nodded, "Ok" Jordan said nodding her head, we decided to play a game of who can keep a straight face the longest and I dont think Niall will last long which is really funny, I was sitting in the middle of Jordan and Liam, Niall was next to Jordan and the other guys were opposite us, then the game started and we were just looking around and trying not to look at each other, probably Louis' gonna try and make us all laugh by pulling a face, but we were all not looking at him, but that didnt work because Louis pulled a face at Niall and he laughed so loud that we were trying not to laugh, me and Jordan were looking at each other and holding our laughs in but we couldnt help, we started cracking up at Nialls laugh because his laugh is so funny and the other guys started laughing while we were, then it was all just a laughing stock, when we all calmed down we just started talking about random stuff, this is gonna be so fun with the guys because they're so funny.

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