Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


3. Chapter Three

We were all just talking, Louis making jokes and all of us laughing at him, "I'M HUNGRY" yelled Niall, "You just ate when we were at Jordans house" Zayn said rolling his eyes, wow I've never heard him speek yet, "Yeah so, I'm hungry" Niall whined, "I think theres noodles in the cupboard" Liam said pointing to the kitchen, Niall's eyes lit up and ran for the kitchen and we all just laughed at him, "What should we do now" said Louis looking at all of us, "We could play truth or dare" said Harry smirking, then he looked at me and winked, I felt the butterflies in my stomach, I blushed and looked down, I could hear Jordan laughing beside me and I looked at her and glared playfully, "Yeah lets play then" Louis said happily.

A few seconds later Niall came back with his noodles and sat back down next to Jordan, we were all just looking at him eating his noodles and he noticed, "What" he said looking at all of us will a confused face, then we all cracked up laughing, "Ok lets just play the game" said Louis, "What are we playing" Niall said finishing his noodles, damn he eats fast, "WE'RE PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE" Louis screamed fist pumping the air, "OOOOKAAAAY" I yelled back at him and shocked that he can even scream that loud and I thought my brother Conner was worse, then everyone started laughing, yeah funny guys, "Lets just sit in a circle on the floor" said Liam getting getting up of the couch and sitting down on the floor, we all nodded and sat on the floor, it went me, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Jordan who was next to me, "Ok whos goes first" Niall said looking at us, "I'll go, Niall truth or dare" said Louis grinning evily at him, "uuh...dare" he said nervously, "I dare you to kiss Jordan on the cheek" Louis said smiling evily, then Niall blushed and so did Jordan which was such a funny sight to see, "Ok" Niall said leaning over to peck her on the cheek, "WHOOOOOO" we all yelled at him, "Ok um Harry truth of dare" Niall said looking at Harry, "Um truth" he said smiling, "Uh do you like someone" Niall said, "Yes, yes I do" he said smiling proudly, I wonder who he likes and I dont think it will be me though, "Ok um Chris truth or dare" Harry said winking at me, "Uh truth" I said blushing, "Have you ever had a boyfriend" he said smiling at me and wiggling his eyebrows, I probably look like a tomato right now and everyone laughed at me, "Um...yes" I said embarrassed, I was only 14 when I had my first boyfriend, "Ok Jordan truth or dare" I said smiling evily at her, "Uh...dare" she said blushing, hehehe, "I dare you to sit on Nialls lap until the games finished" I said grinning devilishly, then she glared at me and the guys laughed, Niall started blushing, "Ok" she said moving next to Niall and sitting down on his lap, the both of them blushed while we were all laughing at them, "Ok Louis truth or dare" Jordan said grinning at him, "DARE" Louis screamed, that boy is gonna be the death of me, "Ok I dare you to give Niall all of your carrots" she said smiling evily, "NOOOOOOOOOO, NOT MY BABIES" he yelled fake crying while all of us laughed at him and Niall grinning widely, well at least its food, then Louis got up and stomped to the kitchen to his beloved carrots and giving them to Niall, then he sat back down frowning like a little kid, aww poor child, "Awww poor little Louis" I said going over to him and hugging him, he put his head on my shoulder and faked sobbed, then I got up on my knees, "Look what you done to him" I said hitting Jordan on the shoulder and sitting back down hugging Louis who put his head on my shoulder, then everyone started laughing, "Ok whos next" Niall said, "Its Louis', but you made him upset" I said looking at Jordan and faked glared at her, "I actually dont wanna play anymore" said Liam sitting back on the lounge, "Yeah me neither" we all said, I helped Louis up on the lounge and sat next to him and everyone sat on the lounges, Harry sat on my right and sad Louis on my left, everyone else was opposite us.
It was starting to get dark and I was tired, we all had something to eat and got ready for bed, Harry carried Louis to bed because he fell asleep on my shoulder we all said good nights and went to our rooms, me and Jordan took turns to change in our pajamas and then got in our beds, "Night Chris" Jordan said sleepily, "Night Jordan" I said and fell asleep when my head hit my pillow, today was really funny.

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