Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


6. Chapter Six

Were just sitting down and watching TV, Harry's arm was around me, "So what now" said Niall looking at all of us, "Why dont we go to the beach?" said Jordan said happily, "Yeah" we all said, we all got up from the couch and went to our rooms to get changed, I put on a light blue biking and put my shorts, shirt on and grabbed my bag and towel, then walked downstairs to see everyone but Jordan ready, "Come on woman" I yelled out to her and the guys laughed, "I'm coming, I'm coming" she said walking out of her room and towards us, we walked out of the door and Harry grabbed my hand in his, then we walked outside and it was really hot, me and Harry walked behind everyone, "You look nice love" Harry winked at me, "Thanks, you dont look to bad yourself" I said winking back, we then caught up with eveyone else and just talked and make jokes.

When we got there we put our towels down and the guys ran straight to the water, me and Jordan sat on our towles and talked, "Do you think Niall likes me" She said with a little hurt in her voice, "Of course he does, he blushes every time he's near you" I said chuckling and she laughed, then Harry came up to me and sat next to me, "You coming in love" he said looking at me, "Yeah ok, Jordan are you coming" I said looking at her, "Ok" she smiled and we all got up and walked to the water, then Harry picked me up and put me over his shoulders, "HARRY PUT ME DOWN" I screamed and laughed, "Never" he said laughing, then he dropped me in the water, when I came up from under the water I started chasing him, of course he was to fast, "Your gonna pay for that" I said to Harry chasing him while the others laughed, "Your gonna have to catch me first" he laughed still running, I gave up and stopped running, "FINE YOU WIN" I yelled frowning and stomping to our towels then sitting down with my arms crossed over my chest, Harry ran up to me, "I'm sorry baby come here" he said wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in his lap, "Your mean" I pouted looking at him, "Your a cutie" he said pecking my lips then pinching my cheeks.

After a while of me and Harry hugging, everyone came back and sat on their towels, "Aww look at the love birds" Louis said and everyone laughed, then he got up and sat in the middle of us and put his arms around us, "Louis what are you doing" I said laughing and everyone joined in, "I missed my Hazza bear" he said and hugged him and Harry hugged him back, "I miss you too Lou bear" he said, "Harry how could you, I thought you loved me" I said and went to Liam fake sobbing in his chest then he put his arms around me, "Yeah Harry how could you" Zayn said coming and sitting next to me hugging me, "Yeah your mean" Niall and Jordan said hugging me as well, "Well he's mine now" Louis said pulling him closer, then I faked sobbed louder, "LOUIS" everyone yelled and Harry was cracking up, when we all calmed down and we decided to get Ice cream, well Niall did.

We packed all our stuff and walked to the Ice cream shop, when we went inside we got what we wanted and sat at a table outside and started eating, I sat in the middle of Zayn and Liam then next to Liam was Jordan and the rest on the other side, "Heeeeey, why arent you sitting next to me" Harry whined at me, I pretended to ignore him and it was working, "She's isnt because you hurt her" Zayn said fake glaring at him and patting my back, Liam and everyone else nodded and fake glared, I think he's falling for it and everyone else is playing along, "Chris talk to me" Harry was starting to get upset, "Dont worry Haz, you have me" Louis said hugging him, when we all finshed eating it was 4:30 and we decided to go.

When we got back the hotel we all went to take a shower and change in different clothes, when I finished I put on purple pants and a pink shirt then I went downstairs where everyone else is sitting on the couch watching TV, Louis and Harry were on one couch and the rest on the other one, I sat in the middle of Jordan and Liam, "Hey, Chris we're both wearing purple" Liam said happily looking at me, "Hey, we are" I said happily and we both hugged each other like we were besties forever, I saw from the corner of my eye that Harry was jealous, "You guys are so weird" Niall said laughing and rolling his eyes, "Says you" me and Zayn said at the same time, we gave each other a high five, "Meanies" Niall pouted, "Awww poor Niall" Jordan said hugging him, "Awwww" all of us said together and they blushed, geez boy ask her out already.

"Hey guys why dont you sing us a song" Jordan said smiling really big and I nodded quickly, "Ok, what do you want us to sing" Liam said smiling, "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" me and Jordan screamed jumping up and down, "Ok, ready boys" Liam said looking at the guys and they nodded and started singing, me and Jordan were dancing around the lounge room, they sounded really good as always, when they finished singing me and Jordan screamed and jumped up and down, "Yaaaaaay" we screamed hugging all of the guys, then giving Harry a passionate kiss, he was surprised and kissed me back, "Guys get a room" Zayn said rolling his eyes and they laughed, then we pulled back, "I thought you werent talking to me" Harry said, "Well me and everyone else thought it would be funny to trick you two" I said laughing, "And your faces were priceless" Zayn said laughing and we all joined in, "It wasnt funny" Louis said frowning, "Yeah, it wasnt funny" Harry said pouting, then I kissed his pouty lips, "So guys what should we eat for dinner" Liam said looking at us, "Why dont we just order pizza" said Louis and we all agreed, then Liam got his phone and ordered the pizza we wanted, when it got here we all got some and sat on the couch eating and watching TV, Niall kept trying to eat mine because obviously he finished his, "NIALL" slapping his hand away and everyone laughed, "Ooooow, meanie" he pouted and rubbed his hand, he's such a cutie, "Fine, but one bite" I said and his eyes lit up, "Yaaaay" he said taking a bite, then I let him have all of it and he finished already, "I'm surprised your not even big yet" I said shocked and everyone laughed, "Oh well" he said smiling, then I took a bite of Harry's pizza, "Heeeeey" he whined, "You know you love me" I said grinning cheekily, "Yeah I know" he smiled and kissed me, "GUYS" everyone yelled, then we pulled away and laughed, when we all finished eating I was starting to get really tired and so was everyone else, "Hey guys, I'm gonna go to bed" I said yawing and getting up, "Yeah, me too" everyone said getting up, then I gave Harry a kiss, "Goodnight Harry" I said smiling, "Goodnight love" he said smiling and we went to our rooms, I changed into my pajamas and got in bed then fell asleep when I layed down.

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