Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


1. Chapter One

"RING, RING, RING" my phone rang while I was still asleep and well I'm not anymore, I couldnt be bothered to get it so I got out of bed and grabbed it, it was my best friend Jordan, "Hello" I said sleepily and sitting down on my bed, "Hey Chris" she said happily, Chris is short for Christina, "Hey, what are you doing calling me at 7:00am in the morning" I said sleepily, "I dont know, I was bored" she said obviously happy about something, really, "What are you so happy about" I said wondering why, "Oh, I entered a contest to win a trip with a friend to the U.K to live with One Direction for 3 months or they might come down here to get the winner" she said squealing, WHAT!!!, "OMG no way" I yelled happily and then I realised my brothers James and Conner were asleep, whoops, "Yes I know and they're announcing it today at 11:00am" she said screaming in my ear, I swear she could blow up a car with her screaming, "Crap really, well get your butt over here and I'll put the radio on so we can listen" I said smiling really big, "Ok I'll pack first and I'll come over to help you, bye" she said, "Ok thanks bye" I said then we hung up, I put my phone on my bedside table and got off my bed to have a shower and wash my hair.

When I got out of the shower I blow dried my hair then I got dressed and went downstairs to make some breakfast and waited for Jordan to get here, I got a bowl out of the cupboard and some coco pops and poured it in and then milk, when I finished making my breakfast I went to go sit on the stool and started eating, while I was eating, my brother Conner came down the stairs, "Morning princess" I said laughing, "Shut up" he said pushing me and I nearly fell of the stool, then he started laughing, "Hey, I could've hurt myself" I said putting my hand on my chest, "Oh but you didnt" he pouted and then he laughed, then he sat next to me"Shut up your an idiot" I said glaring at him, "Your a funny one arent you" he laughed patting my head, "Whatever, whens sleeping beauty gonna wake up" I said finishing my cereal and putting my bowl in the sink, "Hey I heard that" said my other brother James who came down the stairs, "It was Conner" I said pointing at him, "No it wasnt and I dont sound like a girl" he said shoving me, "Yeah you do" I said and punched him on the shoulder, "Ow" he screamed like a girl, "Well whatta ya know" I said laughing and he pouted, James just rolled his eyes smiling and sat on the other side of me, 'KNOCK, KNOCK' I went to the door opening it and it was Jordan, "Hey Jordan" I said smiling and letting her in, "Hey Chris" she said smilng and walking in, "Hey Jordan" my brothers said in unison, "Hey" she said waving at them, "Shut up she doesnt like you guys, she like Niall Horan" I said laughing, "Gee thanks Chris" she said smiling and pushed me a little bit, "As if they're gonna say anything" pointing at them and they rolled their eyes smiling, "Aaaaaaanyway I'm gonna put the radio on, whats the time" I said looking at everyone, "10:56" James said looking at his phone and putting it back in his pocket, "OMG" me and Jordan said at the same time and ran over to the radio and putting it on, "Ok in 4mins we're gonna announce the winner of the contest right after their new song One Way Or Another" said the person on the radio, then their song came on and me and Jordan started dancing, James and Conner started walking slowly backwards towards the stairs and I stopped dancing and started laughing then Jordan stopped dancing and she started laughing at them.

When the song finished the announcer came back on and my brothers came back over to listen, "Now, we have One Direction here and they're gonna announce the winner, ok when your ready" said the announcer, "Ok the winner of the contest is... Jordan Knight" said Niall in an announcer voice, then me and Jordan started screaming and jumping up and down, "Congratulations Jordan and the lucky friend hope to see you later" said Niall and I turned the radio off, "Group hug" said Conner in a girly voice and grabbing us in a hug, "Conner, your such a girl" I said as we pulled out of the hug, "Aww, arent you just so cute" he said in a girly voice, again and pinching my cheeks, the others started laughing and I glared at him, "Shut up" I said swatting his hand away and hit him on the head, he frowned and rubbed his head, I grinned at him, then him and James went upstairs, me and Jordan went to my room and I started packing while Jordan was helping me, "OMG, I cant wait till we go" said Jordan excitedly, "I know me too" I smiling, 'RING, RING, RING' the phone downstairs started ringing, "Oh I'll get that" I said and ran downstairs, "Hello" I said in the phone, "Hello is this Jordan" said a familiar voice, "No, this is her friend" I said, "Oh then me and the boys need to tell her when where're coming" said the familiar, then I realised who it was, "OMG your Niall Horan" I said a bit too loud, "Yeah thats right, well we just need the address because we're on our way" Niall said laughing, "Oh, well I'm the lucky friend so come to this adress" I said and gave him the address while I heard the other boys in the background yelling, I just laughed, "Sorry the guys are really loud and thanks we'll be there in an hour, bye" said Niall chuckling, "Thats fine, bye" I said then hung up, then Jordan came downstairs, "Who was that" she said, "Oh that was Niall, he asked for the address but I gave him yours and then he said that they're gonna be there in an hour" I said smiling at her, "OMG, we need to get to my house now" she said, "Ok I just need to say bye to my brothers" I said, "Ok" she said, "CONNER, JAMES I'M GOING" I yelled out to them, then I heard them running through the hallway and down the stairs, "Me first" said Conner and he tackled me in a hug, "Who am I gonna argue with now" he said sniffling, "Well you got James" I said laughing, then he and the others started laughing, "Yeah I know, I'm gonna miss you" he said and we pulled out of the hug, "I'm gonna miss you too" I said smiling with tears in my eyes, then James came and picked me up spinning me around hugging me, "I'm gonna miss you little sis" he said sniffling and putting me down still hugging me, "I'm gonna miss you too big brother" I said and we pulled out of the hug, then I told them that I was gonna get my bags and they nodded, then I quickly went upstairs to get my bags and then put my phone in my pocket and my charger in my bag then went downstairs, me and Jordan walked to the door, I turned around to give James and Conner another hug, "Bye guys" I said hugging them both, "Bye Chris" they said at the same time with tears falling down their cheeks, then we let go, Conner kissed my cheek and James kissed my forehead, then I got my bags and walked out the door and they followed, I went to Jordan's car and put my bags in the boot and closed it, I went in the passenger seat and Jordan in the drivers seat, then I blew a kiss to my brothers and they blew one back, then Jordan put the engine on and we waved to James and Conner and they waved back, then she drove off and we were on our way to her house, I'm gonna miss them so much.

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