Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


5. Chapter Five

We were just talking and laughing, also very awkward because Harry still has his arms around me, I wish he would like me, "Hey Chris can I talk to you for a sec" Jordan said standing up, "Yeah sure" I said getting out of Harry's arms and standing up, we went to my room to talk then we sat on my bed, "Are you ok because you look a bit down" she said concerned, "Um yeah" I said putting on a fake smile, Jordan gave me a look that said 'I know your lying', "Is it because of what Harry said" she said, damn she knows me so well, "Um...yes" I said looking down, "Well you know what, I say that he likes you" she said smiling and winking, "Really" I said still unsure, "Yes I'm sure of it" she said smiling and patting me on the back, "Ok" I said smilng, "Lets go back downstairs" she said getting up, "Yeah ok" I said getting up and we walked back downstairs to the loungeroom where the guys were still sitting and talking, "Hey guys" Jordan said taking a seat next to Niall, then he blushed, I'd said that they would be cute together, I went to sit down next to Harry, "Hey um Chris, can I talk to you for a second" Harry said rubbing the back of head nervously, "Uh, yeah sure" I said, then we got up and walked to the kitchen, "Uh, I really like you" he said blushing, "I like you too Harry" I said blushing and feeling the butterflies fly around in my stomach, "Really" he said with a big smile on his and showing his cute dimples, "Yeah I really do" I said grinning really big, "Ok, would you like to be my girlfriend" he said hoping that I would say yes, "I would love to" I said hugging him and he hugged me back, when we pulled away we looked in each others eyes and he started leaning in and so did I, then his lips met mine, I felt the butterflies fly around in my stomach, our lips were moving in sync and it was perfect, then we pulled away and smiled and each other and we walked hand in hand back to the lounge room and sat down, "FINALLY" all the guys and Jordan yelled, me and Harry just laughed and he put his arms around me, then I leaned into him putting my head on his chest, "Awwww" Louis said putting his hands together, then we all laughed, "So, who wants some lunch" Liam said looking at us, "MEEEEEEEEEEEE" Niall sreamed jumping up from his seat, "Well of course" Zayn said rollings his and laughing, then we all joined in, "Liiiiiaaaaam can you make me a sandwich" Niall said with his puppy dog eyes, "Oh fine" Liam said rolling his eyes and standing up, then Niall hugged him tight, "Aww cute" I said smiling, Liam rolled his eyes smiling and dragging Niall with him to the kitchen, "Heeeey what about me" Harry whined giving me a cute smile, "You're the cutest" I said smiling and poking his dimples, "Harry how could you, I thought we had something" Louis said faking sobbing and everyone was laughing, "I'm sorry Lou he's mine now" I said hugging Harry close to me, "Sorry Lou" Harry said hugging me back, Louis faked cried even louder and all of us laughed, "Fine then Haz, I'm going to eat some carrots" Louis said standing up and stomping to the kitchen, we couldnt even stop laughing, oh my god he's funny.

Then Liam came back with a plate of sandwiches with Niall following then Louis and they sat on the lounge, "So what do we do" Zayn said taking a sandwich and eating it, "Uhh, I dont know" Liam said eating, "LETS PLAY HIDE AND SEEK" Niall yelled with a mouth full of his sandwich and I'm guessing he's finished and then all of us finished eating, "Yeah lets play" Harry said looking at me and winking, "Harry's in" we all yelled, "Heeeeey no fair" Harry pouted and stomping his feet, "Awww poor baby" I said in a baby voice pinching his cheeks and pecking his lips, "Ok lets just play" Liam said rolling his eyes while smiling, "Ok Harry start counting" Zayn said, "Fine" Harry said facing a wall, then we all went to hide somewhere, me and Jordan went to hide in my room, I was in the closet while Jordan went under the bed, "FOUND YOU NIALL" Harry yelled, "DAMN IT" Niall yelled, you gotta love Niall, "FOUND YOU ZAYN AND LIAM" Harry yelled again, now Louis, "AGGGGH" Harry yelled, "Hahahaha" Louis laughed, "That wasnt funny" Harry whined, oh Louis, when he found all the guys I hear footsteps walking upstairs and in my room, uh oh, I heard the closed open and hands grabbing my waist pulling me out of the closet, "Found you love" Harrys said kissing me, "Ewwwww get a room" Jordan said from under the bed, "Well, found you Jordan" Harry said knowing she was under the bed because she spoke, we went back down stairs, "Hahahaha" Louis laughed, oh my god he's still laughing, "Louis its not funny" Harry whined and frowning, "Louis its not even that funny" Zayn said rolling his eyes, "Chris, Louis wont stop laughing" Harry whined and pouted, "Awwww baby come here" I said with my arms open and he walked in them hugging me, I walked him to the lounge and sat down still holding him, "Dont be mean Louis" Niall said hitting him on the head, "Ooooow, Liam he hit me" Louis said rubbing his head and frowning, "Boys stop" Liam said scolding them, poor Liam, "Haha Louis" Harry said laughing and we all joined in, "Hahahaha, you guys are so funny" Jordan said laughing, "Yeah I know" Louis said flicking his hair, "No Louis, just no" Zayn said laughing and we all joined in, oh I love these guys and Jordan does too. Today has been the best day, finally I get to be with Harry and I love him.

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