Living With One Direction

Christina's friend Jordan wins a trip with her to go live with One Direction for 3 months in the U.K and maybe tour around the place and other countries. Christina and Jordan are massive fans of One Direction, Christina's favourite member is Harry Styles and Jordan's favourite member is Niall Horan.


8. Chapter Eight

I woke up the next day with Harry's head buried in my neck and his arm around my waist, he looks so peaceful, I kissed the top of his head, he moved his head then opened his eyes and looked up, "Morning babe" he kissed me on the lips, "Morning handsome" I smiled, we got out of bed and walked downstairs where everyone is, sitting on the couch watching the TV, "Morning" everyone said, "Morning" we said, I sat on the couch next to Jordan, we smiled at each other, "I'll make us some breakfast" Harry said kissing my cheek and walking to the kitchen, "So, what are we gonna do today?" Niall asked looking at all of us, "Well, Eleanor will be coming to where ever we're going" said Louis smiling, Eleanor? Well I hope she'll like me and Jordan, "Dont worry, she'll like you and Jordan" Louis said laughing at the look on my face, "I hope so" me and Jordan said quietly, "Well we could go out to lunch and then... I dont know" Liam said furrowing his eyebrows, "Well, we'll figure it out at lunch then" I said to him, Liam and the others nodded, Harry came back with bacon and eggs on a plate, then giving me my plate of food, "Thanks love" I said smiling at him, he sat next to me, "Your welcome love" he smiled cheekily, I rolled my eyes smiling, I started eating my breakfast, while I was eating, I saw from the corner of my eye that Niall was looking at me, "No Niall" I said sternly while looking at him, he gave me the puppy eyes, "Ugh fine" I said giving him my bacon, his eyes lit up, "YAAAAAAY" he shouted and shoved the bacon in his mouth, everyone started laughing, I rolled my eyes laughing and shaking my head. Me and Harry finished our breakfast, I took mine and his plate to the kitchen and put them in the sink, then I went back to the lounge room and sat next to Harry, "So, lets get ready then" Liam said standing up, "I'll call Eleanor" Louis said cheerfully and ran to his room, we all stood up and went to our rooms to get ready, I went into the bathroom to get changed while Harry gets changed in my room. When I finished getting dressed I put a little bit of make up on and then went back in my room to see that Harry was already dressed, "Well, dont you look beautiful" Harry said cheekily and kissed me on the lips, I giggled and blushed, "Well, dont you look handsome" I laughed and kissed his cheek, he chuckled, we went down stairs to see everyone there, I saw a girl with dark brown wavy hair standing next to Louis, that must be Eleanor, I'm guessing Chloe already introduced herself, I walked up to her, "Hi, my name is Christina, but you can call me Chris" I smiled and put my hand out for her to shake, then she moved my and hugged my tight, well I wasnt expecting that, I hugged her back, then we pulled away, "Hi" she said happily, "So, lets go" Louis said cheerfully and grabbed Eleanor's hand then walked out the door, Harry grabbed my hand, then Niall grabbed Chloe's hand, while Zayn and Liam walk behind us. We walked down to the lobby and walked outside into the cold/warm air, we were all talking amongst ourselves, "Your the love of my life" Harry sang quietly in my ear, I giggled and put my arm around his torso and he put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek, "I'm hungry" Niall whined infront of us and Chloe laughed, "We're almost there Niall" Liam said rolling his eyes smiling, I laughed then everyone else joined in.

We finally got there and we went to sit at the table, the boys went to get us what we wanted, when they came back with our food, we started eating and talking, "So girls, do you like shopping" Eleanor said smiling at me and Jordan, Louis rolled his eyes smiling, "Yeah, we do" Me and Jordan said at the same time, the guys and Eleanor laughed, "Ok cool" Eleanor said, "Maybe we should go sometime" she said smiling, "Yeah, that'll be great" I said smiling, Jordan smiled and nodded, "Great" she said excitedly and clapping her hands, we all laughed.

We all finished eating and we put our rubbish in the bin, then just sat and talked, While we were talking I heard someones phone ringing, It was Harry's, "I'll be right back" he said and kissed my cheek then got up and went outside, who could possibly be ringing him? We were all quiet and looking at each other not knowing what to say, we all heard the door open and looked, Harry came in looking angry and sat down next to me, we still didnt say anything, "Uh, lets just go" Liam said awkwardly, we all stood up and we walked outside not talking, I wanted to tell Harry what happened but he'll probably snap, I dont like being yelled at, it just gets me angry, so I just didnt say anything.

We all got back to the hotel and sat on the couch, Harry stormed to his room and slammed the door, "Well, I'm gonna get going then" Eleanor said standing up and hugging all of us, "It was nice meeting you girls" she said smiling, "It was nice meeting you too" I said smiling back, "Yeah" Jordan nodded smiling, then she gave Louis a kiss and then walked out the door, "I'm just gonna check on him" I said the everyone, "Careful Christina" Louis said with worried eyes, the guys nodded and Jordan looked worried, I nodded, I walked to Harry's room, I knocked on the door and walked in, "Harry, are you ok" I said sitting next to him, "Yeah, I'm fine" he said putting his arms around me and I leaned into his chest, "What happened on the phone?" I asked looking at him, "Just someone I didnt want to talk to ever again" he said kissing my forehead, I nodded, "I'm gonna take a shower ok" he said kissing my cheek, "Ok" I said smiling a little, he got up and went to get some clothes then walked in the bathroom, I just sat there quietly, then I heard his phone going off again, I wanted to see who it was, the water was on signalling that he was in the shower, So I grabbed his phone and saw who was calling, it was.....

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