Well two school teachers fall in love their names are Zach and A.J. <3


2. Zach

Zach's Pov

It was a long drive home that afternoon. I was terrified I'd lose my job, this job meant everything to me. I turned on the radio and playing, was A.J.'s and my song, "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada. It relaxed my muscles just a hint and I pulled into the driveway of our small, but adequate white little house. I went in and tossed my jacket in the closet. I noticed something strange, the lights were dimmed and the curtains were closed. "Babe..?"

I turned the corner and there was my beautiful boyfriend A.J., shirtless and sitting on the counter. "Baby what happened at work?" He motioned for me to come over beside him, and I did. He started to rub my shoulders as I spilled out my story. "Don't let it get to you Sweetie. Go put on those Batman sweatpants I love on you so much and let's cuddle on the couch." I smiled and nodded, making my way up the stairs, to our bedroom. I pulled on my Batman pants and a white t shirt. A.J. had started a movie and pulled a blanket down from the closet.

After the movie was over, I had drifted off to sleep in his chest. I dreamt about being married, of course, where we live, it isn't legal, but I could hope. Anyway, we were both in black tuxedos with a blue shirt underneath and a matching tie. We exchanged rings and we got drunk off our asses. Then we had a baby, her name was Reagan, and god she was so beautiful. I awoke to my lover rubbing my back. "'s okay." There were tears down my cheeks. I talked in my sleep so he knew exactly what I had dreamt about.

"Babe what's for dinner?" I called as I opened my folder to start grading things. "What are you in the mood for?" "Pizza?" I nodded and began to look at my student's artwork. "God...I swear these kids just try to fail my class." I took my red pen and started making marks on my grading sheet. "Do they try?" "Some of them, but most of them just take my class because they don't think there's work involved." "Is there any saving this?" he picked up a sculpture that was like tape and tape hanging off of it, I had no idea what it was. "I don't believe so.." I giggled and he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. "What kind of pizza did you get babe?" "Pepperoni and sausage." I smirked. "You're all about that sausage aren't you?" "Your sausage." He laughed and I blushed.

The doorbell rang. "Babe your sausage is here!" I called, still laughing a little at it. He went over and paid, bringing the pizza in as e kicked the door shut with his foot. "That's so fucking attractive." I smirked and opened up the pizza.

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