Well two school teachers fall in love their names are Zach and A.J. <3


3. Pizza Play Time


 After we finished our dinner, all I could think about was how hot Zach looked. I wanted him so bad right now, I didn't just want him but I needed him! I motioned him upstairs. At first we were just cuddling on the bed. I was running my fingers through Zach's hair, then I moved down running my fingers across his waist line. He started laughing "A.J. stop it," But I wasn't ready to stop. I started to slide his pants off along with mine. Zach smirked and looked up at me. "A.J. I want you in me." He nearly growled in my ear. "Lemme ride you." He looked at me with begging eyes. I nodded, but first, I started to rub that tent that had formed in his boxers. He closed his eyes and moans started to pour out of the little thing, he looked like an angel. I grabbed a condom from the drawer and rolled it on, a broken moan falling from my lips. I grabbed the lube and lubed up my fingers, then demanded Zach to take off his boxers. Once he did, I lubed up his tight, pink hole and I stuck my index in, loosening up the tight muscle.

When I was to about three fingers he was riding my fingers. "N-need you i-in me." He moaned and I lubed up my cock with a lot of lube, couldn't risk my Zach getting hurt. He steadied himself on my shoulders and eased on slowly, panting while he took me in. Once he adjusted he was taking me in so fast and deeply, moaning out my name and other profanities. Oh god he was so sexy when he cusses. When we were finished I picked up the bed sheets off the floor we layed there in the cold be sheets naked, not saying a word. It felt nice, both soon fell asleep.

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