Well two school teachers fall in love their names are Zach and A.J. <3


4. morning

A.J.'s Pov

When I woke up, Zach was still asleep. I gently got out of the bed without waking my prince and slipped down the stairs. I grabbed the bacon and eggs from the fridge, starting to cook breakfast.

Suddenly, I felt two arms snake around my waist, giving a light squeeze. I smiled as I turned around and pecked the lips of my lover. "Good morning babe." I smiled at him. "Morning." He walked with a little waddle to the table. "Babe, did I go too hard last night?" I bit my lip, trying to hide a smirk. "You always go rough on the weekends." Zach replied as he got the coffee started. "But you like it." I replied to him, smirking while I flipped the eggs. "This is true." Zach chuckled as he poured the both of us a cup. "That smells wonderful babe." I smiled at him and put our eggs and a few strips of bacon on two plates.

We ate quickly and kissed goodbye as we parted ways to the different schools. I at the elementary, Zach at the middle/ high school. The day went by slowly and the kids were restless, wanting their spring break to come faster. We spent the day outside, turning it into an educational day. I thought them why the grass and other plants were green, in 3rd grade terms.

When I got home, Zach was in a bad mood again. "Babe..what happened now?" I peppered him with kisses and showered him with affection. "The kids are getting bad, thinking break is here, but we still have another break." He sighed under my arms. "I took the kids outside. Maybe you should do the same. Spray chalk, use that and they can freely express themselves." "That is an amazing idea." He nodded in agreement and pecked my lips. "You're so smart." He mumbled in my chest.

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