Well two school teachers fall in love their names are Zach and A.J. <3


1. A.J.

       A.J.'s P.O.V.


       I walk into my class room, the day is just starting and I want to go home to see Zachary, just thinking of him makes me happy. The way his light brown hair flips nicely to the side, and his beautiful brown eyes sparkle in the light. The students start to walk in and I realize I should probably stop day dreaming. I will get to see him during lunch break.

I pass out papers to all the students and they get straight to work. There all actually behaving for once its surprising. They are working on their multiplication. I teach third grade and my lovey, Zachary is an art teacher. This day has been going by slow and I just want to see him. That's all I have been thinking about. Just a few more hours and we can meet up again. I look down and notice I had an uprising in my pants. I blushed, thank god I was sitting at my desk, I couldn't have the children asking questions, even though they were only nine and eight. 

They had all started to turn in their worksheets and I started to text Zach. I was saying such dirty things to him, making him blush really bad. 'Babe stop, I have the 8th graders in here. They can tell I have a boner.' 'Oh. Sorry baby. Can't wait to see you later. :*'

I kept looking at the clock, the day was dragging on so slow. I gave the kids a couple coloring sheets to work on since it was Friday and it was cold outside. I pulled a coke from my bag and sipped at it as I typed up a project for them to take over and think about for the weekend. I quickly printed them off and I got a text from Zach. 'My day just turned to absolute hell. I just threw a desk because a kid... I don't want to lose my job.'

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