Lilli and Luke are best friends. They're also boyfriend and girlfriend. They do just about everything together and they're together almost all the time. It's like Romeo&Juliet, except without her dad hating him and them dying in the end... They're known for they're long lasting relationship without a fight. Well the only fights they ever have is over what game to play, what movie to watch and the 'I-love-you-more' fights. They love singing together, talking to each other, and just being together. Will they get used to not being able to see each other when he has to go on tour or will they grow apart because they're not used to the distance?


1. Prologue



Eddie Never went nowhere
He stayed at home and play his X-Box
He read too many comics
He watched too much TV
Then somehow it got around
That his parents would be out of town
And so they all decided
That he should have a party
Climbing through the windows
They were jumping off the roof
They were diving in the pool
Until he finally let loose

He said tonight I'm superhero
Watch me fly I'll never get low
And I wont come down again
(No no no)
Tonight I'm superhero
I'm about to lose my halo
I wanna do it again


"Bugs, I'm bored." I frowned.


"Okay, what am I supposed to do about it?" Lilli laughed.


"You're supposed to make me feel un-bored." I said in a duh tone


"Fine. Let's do something new," She paused, "and unpredictable."


"That sounds like a song." I laughed.


"Let's do something new, and unpredictable." She sang.




"Babe, what do you want for you're birthday?" Lilli asked.


"Just you would be fine." I grinned.


"I mean like, an inanimate object. Like a book or something." She laughed.


"Who wants books for their birthday?" I laughed.


"Smart people." Lilli answered.


"Like Calum?" I asked.


"Smart people, which neither of us are." Lilli giggled.




"Oh, Lukeeeey!" Lilli chimed, walking back into my room with a bowl of chips.


"Ooh! Gimme, gimme!" Michael reached out his hands.


"Yes, babe?" I asked as she handed Michael the bowl of chips.


"So, my parents are going to be out of town for the weekend." She started put Calum cut her off.


"Ooh, someones gonna get it in." Calum laughed, causing Ashton to burst into laughter. 


"Shut up," Lilli shot him a look, "Anyway, I thought you could stay with me so I'm not all lonely and bored."


"Like you guys don't spend every waking minute together." Ashton rolled his eyes




"So, what did you get me?" I asked.


"What do you mean, what did I get you?" Lilli giggled.


"Did you forget?!" I asked, my eyes widening.


"Of course I didn't forget, Lukeybear!" She hugged me tightly, throwing her feet in the air.


"So what did you get me?" I asked.


"Stay right here." She said, making me sit on her bed. She went out of her room and came back with her hands behind her back.


"Lilli, what do you have there?" I asked with a smirk on my face.


"Happy two year anniversary, babe!" She squealed and handed me a rectangular shaped thing wrapped in rainbow colored wrapping paper covered in glitter.


"Figures you'd drown it in glitter." I smiled.


"Shut up and open it!" She playfully smacked my arm. I took off the wrapping paper and it wasn't a box at all, it was a canvas. It had all little pictures of us taped and glued on it. There must've been over two hundred pictures on this thing.


"Wow," I whispered in awe, "You made this?"


"Mhm." She nodded proudly, "Do you like it?"


"I love it, babe." I smiled, pecking her lips, "I just wish i got you something as amazing as this."


"It's okay, I'm happy as long as I have you." She smiled, hugging me.




"Babe, come play with us!" Lilli to me as she kicked the ball into the goal when Michael wasn't looking. She was more the sporty type then I ever was, that's part of the reason Calum loved her because she would always play footy with him. No matter what mood she was in, sports would cheer her right up.


"No thanks, hon." I shook my head.


"But, Luuuuuke!" She stomped her foot on the ground and pouted. But it didn't last for long because she had to kick the ball from going into her goal.


"Dammit!" Ashton yelled.


"You should be on Mikey and Ash's team!" Lilli said.


"Yeah, they could use the help." Calum laughed.


"Alright, alright. But let me go change my pants. There's no way I'm playing footy in my skinny jeans." I laughed, jogging into my house.




"What's cookin' good lookin'?" I asked, wrapping my arms around Lilli's waist.


"Spaghetti tacos." She told me, stirring the pasta.


"Ooooh." I nodded.


"Thanks for the compliment, by the way." She giggled.


"Anytime, sugar." I smiled, kissing her neck.


"Luke, what are you doing?" She laughed.


"Oh, nothing." I smirked.


"Luke! Last time you gave me a hickey my dad nearly had a heart attack!" Lilli said, turning off the stove, moving the pan back, and turning to face me.


"Keep your hair down then." I smiled.


"I'm trying to make us dinner." She said.


"You can finish that later." I winked, picking her up and carrying her upstairs.




"Lucas Robert Hemmings, where are we going?" Lilli giggled as I pulled her down the sidewalk.


"Well, Lilli Rose Andrews, I'm bringing you on a surprise date." I told her.


"Can I take this blindfold off yet?" She asked.


"Nope." I said, picking her up bridal style and carrying her into my house. I set her on the floor and took off her blindfold.


"Aw, Luke did you do all of this for me?" She asked. I saw her cheeks turn a rosy pink in the candlelight.


"Of course. Why not?" I asked.


"It's just so much." She smiled, pecking my lips.


"It's nothing compared to everything you do for me." I smiled, pulling her close to me.


"Okay, now let's see how this food you cooked tastes." She giggled, kissing me one last time.

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