Lilli and Luke are best friends. They're also boyfriend and girlfriend. They do just about everything together and they're together almost all the time. It's like Romeo&Juliet, except without her dad hating him and them dying in the end... They're known for they're long lasting relationship without a fight. Well the only fights they ever have is over what game to play, what movie to watch and the 'I-love-you-more' fights. They love singing together, talking to each other, and just being together. Will they get used to not being able to see each other when he has to go on tour or will they grow apart because they're not used to the distance?


5. Chapter 3



Today's the day. The day where I leave for almost a year and don't get to see Lilli anymore. When I finished packing everything my mum and dad drove me to the airport. Lilli was there already, and she was crying already. She was sitting in a chair crying in Lauren's arms.


"Bugs, don't cry." I stood over them. Lilli immediately stood up and I pulled her into a hug.


"It's hard not to." She cried into my chest.


"Don't worry, babe. We'll still be able to talk and see each other through Skype and Face-Time." I told her, kissing the top of her head. 


"But it won't be the same. Nothing will be the same without you." She shook her head.


"I know, but I'll be back in no time. Just wait and see." I told her as she looked up at me. I wiped the tears from her face and leaned down, kissing her.


"Flight 357 to London is now boarding, flight 357 to London is now boarding."


"That's you." She said as I pulled away from the kiss.


"I'm gonna miss you more then you know it." I told her.


"I'm gonna miss you, too." She sniffed.


"I love you, Lilli." I kissed her again.


"I love you, too, Luke." She managed a smile before going and hugging the other boys.


"Don't worry, Lil, it'll be okay. We'll be back in a few months to perform and you'll be able to spend your time with him then." I heard Calum tell her. If we weren't dating I would say they'd be the closest.


"Bye guys." She gave a weak smile, then went back to Lauren. We handed a lady our tickets and found our seat on the plane. As the plane took off I fell asleep, thinking of all our memories and all the fun times we had. 


"Even when the sky is falling down, even when the earth is crumbling round' my feet." I sang to Lilli. It was her birthday and the boys and I were singing 'Gotta Get Out' to her. It was her favorite. Every year we would surprise her on her birthday, cause our parents would let us stay home to have our own little party. 


"Aw, guys! That was sooo cute!" Lilli smiled wide, hugging all of us and giving us a peck on the cheek. Except I got a peck on the lips.


"Happy birthday Lilli!" We all cheered.


"Thanks." She smiled as Calum came in with the cake.


"I tried to find edible glitter to put on the cake, but failed to succeed." Calum frowned, setting the cake on the table in front of her.


"That's okay, the rainbow frosting is good enough." She giggled.


"I bet Luke's birthday present will be better then good enough later." Michael muttered, him and Ashton laughing at it.


"Oh, shut up you creepy pervs." Lilli scolded them. 




"Hey, Luke?" Lilli asked.


"Yeah, babe?" I looked down at her head laying on my chest.


"I want chocolate." She smiled up at me. I thought for a minute then realized why she wanted chocolate. 


"Alright, anything else you need?" I asked.


"Um..." She thought for a minute, "Nope. Just chocolate!"


"Dark chocolate, right?" I asked with a smile.


"Love how you never forget the smallest things." She giggled.




"Are you okay?" I asked the girl with blonde hair next to me.


"Huh? Oh, yeah fine." She smiled. I looked down at her arm, noticing some cuts. I decided to talk to her after class.


"Have a nice rest of the day." our teacher smiled as the bell rang. I quickly followed her to wherever she was going. But she went in the girls bathroom. What was her name? What was her name? The bell rang and the hallway cleared. A few girls came out of the bathroom giggling. I heard crying as the door swung back and forth. Fuck it, I'm going in there to see if she was okay. It was her crying.


"Excuse me, miss, I don't know you and you are obviously not okay if you're crying." I said, she looked over to me and studied me for a minute.


"You do know this is the girls bathroom right?" She giggled.


"Yes, and I don't care. What I do care about is why you did this," I took her hand and lifted up her arm, "and why you're crying."


"It's nothing." She shook her head and pulled her arm away. I grabbed both of her hands and pulled her close to me.


"It isn't nothing. It's something and something is bothering you. And I'm here to listen to you and make you feel okay. And make sure whatever is making you feel so bad you do this, it stops." I told her.


"Do you really want to listen to all my problems?" She asked, tears still streaming down her cheeks along with her makeup.


"I do. I want to listen and make sure you're okay even though I don't know anything about you and you don't know anything about me." I told her.


"In the girls bathroom?" She asked.


"No, not in the girls bathroom." I wiped her tears away and led her to the patio outside the school where no one would think that we would go if the teacher even notice us missing, "So what's your name?" 


"Lilli." She answered as we sat down.


"I'm Luke. Now, being a girl, you must carry some form of makeup on you." I smiled. She giggled and took out a little, sparkly, bag with little rainbows on it. 


"Are you sure you want to listen?" She asked.


"Yes, now start talking and close your eyes." I laughed, starting to fix her makeup for her




"Luke, come on get up.' Calum shook me.


"Huh?" I sat up a little.


"It's time to get off the plane." He said. I nodded and got up, gathering my things and following them off the plane.

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