Lilli and Luke are best friends. They're also boyfriend and girlfriend. They do just about everything together and they're together almost all the time. It's like Romeo&Juliet, except without her dad hating him and them dying in the end... They're known for they're long lasting relationship without a fight. Well the only fights they ever have is over what game to play, what movie to watch and the 'I-love-you-more' fights. They love singing together, talking to each other, and just being together. Will they get used to not being able to see each other when he has to go on tour or will they grow apart because they're not used to the distance?


4. Chapter 2



"Lukey!" Lilli jumped up and hugged me when I walked into her room.


"Hey, baby." I smiled, kissing her.


"What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn't be here till' later." She said.


"I have to talk to you." I said. Her facial expression went from happy to nervous and scared.


"Okay, talk away." She nodded.


"Well, the boys and I, you know how we have a band and all, have been proposed and offer to go on tour with One Direction." I told her. She looked relieved. I hope she didn't think I was gonna break up with her or something.


"Oh my God, Luke that's great!" She squealed hugging me tightly.


"But it's a world tour, we're going to be gone for a while." I told her.


"It's fine, babe! If it's a world tour you're going to be performing here, too. Plus, I'll make sure I get a ticket to all your shows here when you guys get here!" She said.


"This is why I love you." I smiled.


"Aw, I love you too." She giggled and kissed me.


*The Next Day*



Tomorrow I had to leave. Be all packed up and ready to leave Lilli and my family for almost a whole year. Maybe Lilli was more excited then I was. When I got out the door Lilli was waiting on the porch for me.


"Oh, hey Lukey." She smiled.


"Hey, Bugs. What're you doing here?" I asked.


"I thought I would walk to school with you since you're leaving tomorrow." She said, standing up.


"Okay." I smiled taking her hand in mine. We walked to school and said goodbye to each other, going to our classes.


"So did you tell her?" Calum asked.


"Yeah." I nodded.


"How'd she take it?" Michael asked.


"She's happy, at least she claims to be. But I know she doesn't want me to leave." I shrugged.


"Well, you'll still be able to Skype, Face-Time, call, text, etc." Ashton told me, putting a hand on my shoulder.


"I know, it just won't be the same. Not spending all my time with her. And then at the airport she's gonna cry, and then I'm gonna cry..." I trailed off.


"Don't worry, mate. It'll be fine." Michael reassured me. I hope.

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