It's Like Magic

It wasn't supposed to happen I wasn't supposed to fall in love with Ron it just happened and I couldn't stop it


1. Meeting Harry and Ron

                                                              AMBERS P.O.V

 I still remember my first day of Hogwarts on this very day last year. Getting on the train, sitting with Ron and Harry. Yes the Harry Potter oh shocking right, I got to sit with a famous person. The truth is Harry is just like the rest of us so what if he is famous. He is a 13 year old boy, yes he survived  Lord Voldermort. The chosen one or not he is my best friend and he is the only one who knows about my crush on Ron. Me, Harry and Ron have been through a lot together just in are first year. It was hard for all of us when Hermione died. I have always been smarter than Hermione well before she died atleast. Well now that I have told you about what happened to Hermione and about my secret lets get on to my story shall we. Ok well right now I am about to get on to plat form 9 and 3/4 and well I cant wait I get to see Ron and Harry. I missed them both and its bad enough I cant tell Ron I love him. " out of my way mudblood " Draco said  " who let prince Draco out of the kingdom did king Malfoy kick him out again" I said

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